Did you know Duncan Garden's manicured symmetry stretches for two entire city blocks in the heart of Manito Park? We've often wowed out-of-town visitors (who might have been, shall we say, underwhelmed, as they exited I-90) with a stroll in our city's magnificent outdoor living room. There's usually a little photoshoot underway for prom, a wedding or senior pics. Clumps of admirers chat among the flowers and fountains and snap photos from the gazebo. But in all these years of appreciating the garden's undeniable beauty, not once did I wonder who designed the beautiful floral display. In this issue, we remedy that! I know you'll enjoy reading Colton Rasanen's story about the park's flower bed designer Maddie Whitney (page 40), and you'll also find some expert tips for creating your own colorful, summer displays.

In our Food section, we're happy to share a recipe from Gander & Ryegrass Chef Peter Froese that's perfect for brunch, or really any meal (page 52). Froese told me he spent quite a bit of time creating a dish that's approachable for home cooks — and he offers helpful encouragement throughout the recipe.

Finally, it's the 50th anniversary of Expo '74, and we take a look at one of the world's fair's lasting legacies (page 62). The First Interstate Center for the Arts, originally known as the Spokane Opera House, is a building with both its history and future very much intertwined with the story of a single Spokane family.


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