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Know before you toke — mind vs. body high

Smoking can cause quite the conundrum. Do you want the lay on the couch, eat a bag of Sriracha-flavored potato chips and call your best friend sort of high? Or the wake up, crank some Quiet Riot and clean the garage sort of high?

There's a strain of weed for that. Marijuana is commonly classified via strains — names like Maui Waui and Pineapple Express — and broken into two subspecies, indica and sativa.

For most people, indica strains have a mellowing effect and sativa strains are uplifting. Avid smokers classify indica strains as a body high and sativa strains as a head high.

"With indica, you get more of a relaxed, 'let's take it easy' sort of high," says Justin Peterson. "With sativa, you get that 'let's get up and get things done' sort of attitude."

Peterson owns Cinder, a recreational dispensary chain in Spokane and Spokane Valley. He says most of his clientele prefers indica strains or hybrids — strains comprised of both — and fruity versus earthy smells.

Here's Peterson's breakdown on the best bud for your buck:

God's Gift: An indica-dominant hybrid comprised of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple. "It's an amazing high," he says. "It's a really mellow, good smoke that's not completely overwhelming."

Cherry Kola: A recently released indica strain from Zoobees Doobees in Liberty Lake. "This is really popular right now," he says. "It smells like Cherry Coke and has an intense high."

Blue Dream: A sativa-dominant hybrid comprised of Blueberry and Haze from Buddy Boy Farm in Ford, northwest of Spokane. "This strain balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration," he says.

Banana Kush: A West Coast, indica-dominant hybrid comprised of OG Kush and Skunk Haze. "Banana Kush provides a mellow buzz and relaxed sense of euphoria," he says. ♦

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