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Those who do not learn from history, the famous historical quote goes, are doomed to be lectured at length by history buffs who know that your famous historical quotes are misattributed and incorrectly applied. So don't make the mistake of thinking that the serious history buff's obsessions for historical accuracy can be satiated with an Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter action figure. So make like Tsar Alexander III and give the history buff the sorts of timeless gifts that belong in a museum.


White Elephant may be known for its collection of toys and hunting, fishing, camping equipment. But the keen-eyed historical treasure hunter knows that White Elephant also carries an impressive treasure of artifacts from Expo '74, relics from the time that Richard Nixon and Soviet Union came to Spokane to witness a railroad wasteland turned into the city's most iconic park. The original owner picked up a whole heap of these souvenirs back when Expo '74 originally was held in — let me double-check the date here — 1974.

There are Expo-branded flags, three-ring binders and commemorative plates. You could even pick up a souvenir from the Philippines' pavilion that says (falsely) "I WAS THERE." I walked out with an Expo '74 site map, worth 50 cents at retail, for only a quarter. What value! 25¢ to $5 • White Elephant • 1730 N. Division


Not only is the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture one of the best places a history buff can go for their local history, in recent months they've upped the number of cool special exhibits. To wit: Starting in February, things at the MAC are going to get downright wooly, with the huge — or should we say mammoth — "Titans of the Ice Age" exhibit. History with tusks. $45Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture • 2316 W. First


Let the history buff in your life do what she enjoys doing best: Crush you with her knowledge of the past. Uncle's has plenty of history trivia games to choose from, but The Name Chase — where players have to guess the identities of historical figures by initially arcane clues about their lives — seems like one of the most fun. $16 • Uncle's Games • 404 W. Main


Former Inlander art director Chris Bovey has turned his talents that once created some all-time great covers into creating some amazing '50s-advertisement-style vintage posters of Spokane's most iconic historical landmarks. Like, say, Dick's Hamburgers. Pick up a few copies of the Inlander Histories collection nearby while you're at Atticus, and while we're self-promoting. $20 • Atticus Coffee & Gifts • 222 N. Howard

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