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  • Jul 18-24, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 40


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  • Buzz Bin

    We Beg to Differ - Here in the Buzz Bin, we're perfectly capable of picking out which movie to go see. And if we're ever in doubt, we've found that we can usually trust the opinions of our two esteemed movie critics, Ed Symkus and Ray Pr
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  • Opening Films

    Eight-Legged Freaks - You've gotta love a movie that offers shots of great big hairy spiders mauling Airstream trailers in search of the yummy humans inside. A chemical spill makes ordinary arachnids mutate into, well, eight-legged freaks. David Arquette
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  • Do-It-Yourself Budget Balancing

    That the state of Washington has a budget problem is hardly news to anyone. Earlier this year, higher education was sliced by $54 million, more than 400 government positions were cut and a long list of smaller state programs simply seized
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  • Kienholz Corner

    Around the corner and up the entrance ramp from the Museum of Arts and Culture's exhibits about hometowns, a few gallery spaces away from details about regional rodeos and the "world's largest bovine hairball," rests a less familiar sect
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  • Blazing a New Trail

    Walking among the quirky television sculptures that make up part of the current Kienholz exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Jochen Wierich seems to draw some energy from the fact that these defiantly modern works of art
  • Local News
  • Making Progress at McEuen Field

    It's been known as McEuen Playfield for the last four decades. But before that it was home to a sawmill, and then, during World War II, a tract of small cottages. It even served a stint as the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. Where it's going i
  • Local News
  • High-Tech Tip

    Sunscreen? Check. Bottled Water? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Home entertainment center? Um... Going on a road trip or sending a kid away to summer camp isn't nearly as simple as it used to be. Even an afternoon spent escaping from the daily g
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  • Small But Flavorful

    It's one of the oldest cuisines in Europe and one of the best known around the world. Pasta, pizza, flavorful sauces and savory treatments of meat characterize Italian cooking. What's not to like about it? Michael Pierce, the new owner
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  • Artist's Views

    My main concern with regard to the new curator of the museum is that he take the local contemporary artists into consideration. We are so insulated and isolated from what happens nationally that exposure to that scene would be important to
  • Local News
  • Vaginal Discomfort

    When it comes to the play with the V-word in its title, maybe we should all just lighten up. Conservatives and liberals talk at and past one another about The Vagina Monologues, treating it as momentous stuff. We shouldn't talk about such
  • Local News
  • Letters to the Editor

    Don't Log Farragut - If the Idaho Departments of Parks and Recreation and Fish and Game have their way, 162 prime recreational acres along and near the Pend Oreille lakeshore in Farragut State Park will be logged in the name of restor
  • Local News
  • Compelled to Listen

    In the second of the Coeur d'Alene Summer Theater offerings, the Schuler Auditorium stage displays a great deal of talent in support of the chosen musical. With a half-dozen story lines -- four traditional tales (Little Red Riding Hood, Ja
  • Local News
  • Recently Reviewed

    Pete's Pizza plant #2 - Pete's doesn't look like much from the outside. Or the inside either. But who cares? It's the calzones, dummy. Eat in or get 'em to go because they are huge, flaky and delicious -- possibly, the best in Spokane. The expansive selec
  • Local News
  • Air to the Throne

    Some climbers approach the vertical plane with a grace and balance honed by years on the rock. Others flash through tricky sequences of moves with inborn talent. Lucas Morgan climbs with a bit of both. Morgan, of Spokane, is an up-an
  • Local News
  • Lit on the Lake

    It's the first full moon of the summer. Normally, this would be a deadline night and Amy and I would be trapped at our desks, with me writing or editing and her doing layout or chasing down a last-minute photo. But right now, we're cinching


  • Opinion
  • Happy Birthday, Krush

    To celebrate the completion of his 31st year on planet Earth, everyone's favorite Satan in Yellow frontman, Fat Tuesday's booking agent, Van's apparel representative and local music booster, Krush Krulesza, will throw a massive two-night
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Quake Thoughts - Dedicated Inlander readers may recall that after last November's earthquakes, Tom Frost of the U.S. Geological Survey's Spokane office hypothesized that quakes might be caused by the rise or fall of the regional water ta
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  • CD Review-Ya Ya Sisterhood

    So many current films seem to be the products of record companies. With soundtracks that often rival the films in interest, it's easy to imagine that Hollywood -- always on the lookout for new formulas to exploit -- simply started pulling
  • Opinion
  • Poking at the Bush Bubble

    Conservative columnist David Brooks wrote recently in The Weekly Standard that the Democratic Party must find these days especially frustrating. All their charges and suspicions regarding the sinister motivations of the pro-business wing
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  • News In Brief

    Yellow Light to Cameras - SPOKANE -- City leaders say they're still looking at the feasibility of installing some photo-radar units at city intersections, despite a recent unfavorable ruling from the state Attorney General. The AG's offi
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  • South Perry Street Fair

    Shifting from "loud music" to "not quite as loud as the music previewed in the previous two features," this weekend is also notable for the 3rd annual South Perry Summer Street Fair, an all-day block party this Saturday with fun, food and
  • Opinion
  • Snapdrageon Slayers

    The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is adding a new weed exterminator to its land management efforts. But this one doesn't have four-wheel drive and a big yellow spray tank on the back -- it's a tiny weevil. The mecinus weevil


  • Sound Advice
  • Are You Warped Enough?

    That's right, just in case the 58 bands (by last count) scheduled to perform on something like seven different stages don't keep your MTV-ravaged brains engaged more than a few seconds at a time, there's plenty more to do and see at the W


  • Movie Reviews
  • Das Bloat

    What many fans of director Kathryn Bigelow have been waiting for is another great film from her. Among the great ones she's already done are Near Dark, Point Break and Strange Days. There was some pulse-pounding stuff to be found in each of t

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