Issue of

Oct 11-17, 2012

Vol. 19, No. 52


  • Two Envelopes

    Todd Mielke looks for campaign donations; plus, layoffs at the city of Spokane

    By Joe O'Sullivan

  • A Rising Crimson Tide?

    Can Democrats turn the Idaho panhandle purple?

    By Joe O'Sullivan

  • Long Odds

    Can a former weathercaster who doesn’t have a cell phone take on a well-organized Republican?

    By Daniel Walters

  • Hail Mary

    Democrat Jimmy Farris hopes Idahoans are pissed off enough at Congress to reject a conservative favorite

    By Heidi Groover

  • Record Against Record

    Commissioner Todd Mielke and challenger John Roskelley have at least one thing in common: at least eight years’ experience

    By Daniel Walters

  • Private Cell

    A new scheme for a new Kootenai County Jail

    By Joe O'Sullivan






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