Wash it Down

The 10 things to drink before you die

Wash it Down
Christian Wilson

Pisco Sour
Clover | 911 E. Sharp Ave.| $7

The national drink of Peru, pisco sour is both potent and puffy-cloud light (helped along by beaten egg whites). Sipping it, one can’t help but be reminded of the thin, intoxicating air of Machu Picchu. (JACOB H. FRIES)

Whisky Sour
Baby Bar | 827 W. First Ave.| $8

There’s nothing fancy here, just fresh, squeezed-in-front-of-you citrus, a little simple syrup and a long, long — we’re talking Mississippi River long — pour of Jim Beam. It’s good bang for the buck: drink two of these and you’ll need to call a taxi. (JF)

Basil Martini
EJ’s Garden Bistro | 1928 W. Pacific Ave. | $8

Gin, a dash of lemon juice and basil picked fresh from the garden next door is the perfect blend of boozy and herbal. The freshly minted EJ’s Garden Bistro in Browne’s serves plenty of twists on old classics and more vegetarian options than we’re used to, but its real gem is the outdoor fireplace. (HEIDI GROOVER)

Herbin Martini (PICTURED)
Luna | 5620 S. Perry St. | $9

Muddled basil and sage could probably make rubbing alcohol refreshing, but thankfully, this drink contains top-shelf gin, Lillet Blanc and Luna’s fresh sour mix. Sit at the bar to watch Jed or Patrick make magic. (KRISTA YEP)

Sapphire Lounge | 901 W. First Ave.|  $9

This classic gin cocktail is making a well-earned comeback, and after drinking just one here, we stocked our own liquor cabinet with the surprisingly sour maraschino liqueur and the tangy-sweet crème de violette to mix some at home. (JF)

Gin Fizz
Italian Trattoria | 144 S. Cannon St. | $8.75

This classic cocktail of New Orleans actually appears on the breakfast menu, which makes some sense, given that it does include an egg white. The rest of it consists of gin, lime and lemon juice and seltzer to give it the namesake “fizz.” (LUKE BAUMGARTEN)

315 Martini & Tapas Bar | 315 E. Wallace Ave., Coeur d’Alene | $9

This classic is high-octane — gin and vodka, plus Lillet Blanc — and tastes of what it is: put-hair-on-your-chest strong. It’s also James Bond’s drink of choice, but we disagree with 007 on one thing. Take it stirred, not shaken. (JF)

Jalapeño Cilantro Margatini
Twigs | Four locations in Spokane | $8.50

Not to knock the classic margarita, but if you’re not down with all the ice that comes along with the south-of-the-border favorite, you’d be well advised to try Twigs’ “margatini.” Lunazul tequila is mixed with triple sec and sour mix, plus muddled cilantro, jalepeno, oranges and limes. Salt the rim and you’re ready to go. (MIKE BOOKEY)

Bloody Mary
Safari Room | 111 S. Post St. | $10

Every bar serves some version of a Bloody Mary. The Davenport Hotel’s Safari Room, however, takes this classic, spicy beverage and adds some flair with a house-made mix that’s topped not just with the routine veggies, but also a big ol’ piece of shrimp. It’s a meal as much as it is a cocktail. (MB)

A Little Bit Country
Bon Bon | 926 W. Garland Ave. | $10

It could also go by the name, A Little Bit For Everyone. It’s got two types of bitters (Angostura and Orange), some sour notes (lemon juice and maraschino liqueur), some sweet (maple syrup), some heat (Thai chili tincture) and some kick (Bourbon). (JF) 

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