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Feb 19-25, 2015

 Digital Edition


  • Worth a Shot

    As preventable disease breaks out, concern for public health reaches a fever pitch

    By Chey Scott

  • Taxes, Wages and Pot

    Idaho looks to fix its crumbling roads; plus, a trial is set for the Kettle Falls Five

    By Daniel Walters, Jake Thomas and Deanna Pan

  • Won't Back Down

    Opponents of the state's new gun background check law are still fighting against it

    By Deanna Pan

  • Fagan's World

    City councilman Mike Fagan has unconventional views on vaccinations. So, what else does he think?

    By Jake Thomas

  • Topical Tease

    THC is finding its way into the bathroom and the bedroom

    By Jordy Byrd






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