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Jun 23-29, 2016

 Digital Edition


  • Our Republic

    Not just another small town heroin tragedy

    By Scott A. Leadingham

  • Opening New Doors

    A Spokane college fills a need for refugees and international students, while changing how English is taught around the world

    By Wilson Criscione

  • Coming to Terms

    County, activists reach agreement on longstanding Urban Growth Area conflicts; plus, new developments in the death of Ryan Holyk

    By Mitch Ryals and Daniel Walters

  • The Last Stand

    Riverfront Park's sparsely attended IMAX Theatre remains on the chopping block, but could its biggest fan save it?

    By Daniel Walters

  • Unlikely Pair

    Microsoft teams up with cannabis financial technology company

    By Azaria Podplesky





  • Timeless Melodies

    After decades of touring, albums and lineup changes, Built to Spill still has a sound utterly their own

    By Dan Nailen

  • Carefully Crafted

    When it comes to his outrageous career, rapper Riff Raff knows exactly what he's doing

    By Azaria Podplesky


  • Spy Games

    Central Intelligence isn't the silly popcorn flick you were waiting for this summer

    By Josh Kupecki

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