Nov 17-23, 2016


  • Unfinished Business

    Isaiah Wall wants to get his life on track. But first, he's gotta buy drugs for the police

    By Mitch Ryals

  • 'Party Culture'

    Area colleges, including EWU and WSU, are cracking down on alcohol consumption as one way to prevent sexual assault

    By Wilson Criscione

  • A Clash of Values

    A Washington Supreme Court case pits the state's anti-discrimination law against religious beliefs; plus, the Spokane City Council on sick leave

    By Daniel Walters and Mitch Ryals

  • The Defiance Vote

    Faced with the choice of Clinton and Trump, a lot of Washington and Idaho residents chose neither

    By Daniel Walters

  • The Scourge of Fake News

    Made-up news stories played a role in the presidential election: Who's to blame?

    By Scott A. Leadingham

  • Trump Trauma

    Donald Trump's victory prompted city and college leaders to comfort those who feel emotionally impacted

    By Wilson Criscione

  • A Way Forward

    Five things we can (and must) do without Washington, D.C.

    By John T. Reuter

  • Really White House

    Trail Mix: Trump's White Power player and blurry blind trust

    By Wilson Criscione and Daniel Walters

  • Another Step Forward

    As her third season begins, Gonzaga women's basketball coach Lisa Fortier continues to put her stamp on the Zags

    By Robert Herold

  • Now What?

    After the election, question marks surround the future of marijuana legalization in America

    By Connor Dinnison



  • Goes With Turkey

    You know what you want to cook, so here are some drinks to go with Thanksgiving dinner

    By Cara Strickland



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