Sneak Peek: How to fight megafires, an unsolved murder, best-ever albums, a new pizza joint and more!

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For a moment, it seemed as though we had escaped, that 2020 — a dumpster fire of a year — might actually spare us from
WILDFIRES. Of course, that wishful thinking went up in flames on Labor Day when blazes exploded around the state, burning up hundreds of thousands of acres in a 24-hour period. Thankfully, though, as our reporter Samantha Wohlfeil reveals in this week’s cover story, experts have a pretty good idea of how we might mitigate what has become our unwanted fifth season of the year: the smoke season when we’re forced to huddle indoors and bungee-cord air filters to box fans. Find our special report in the latest edition of the Inlander.

Also this week:

• Staff reporter Daniel Walters dives into the unsolved 1987 murder of Spokane’s Sarah Gardner, whose granddaughter has returned to the city to become the City Council’s new communications director. “I’m like a phoenix rising from all of this,” she tells us. “I’m coming back to Spokane and picking up the torch from my grandmother.”

• Music editor Nathan Weinbender explores what Rolling Stone’s new 500 best albums list says about our shifting musical landscape.

• Food editor Chey Scott spotlights Hillyard’s Market Street Pizza, which is quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite for its casual vibe and classic recipes.

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