Readers respond to 'The Great White Hope' and a secretly recorded Matt Shea speech

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Readers respond to a letter to the editor about President Trump's allure to the white working class ("The Great White Hope," 5/2/19):

Jason Fleming: This article shines a light on a particular corner of the United States' collective psyche that it would rather gloss over with red hats and bumper sticker philosophy.

Bradley Oiler: People don't love Trump, they hate career politicians. He's an experiment — some think he's an embarrassing failure and others are OK with what's happening.

Cody Deasy: His trick is to placate people's personal biases using anecdotal information in order to remain relevant. He gets people to agree with him without paying any mind to what's actually factual. 

Readers respond to a story on about a pro-wolf activist who received a legal threat when he shared a recorded speech from Rep. Matt Shea and Steve McLaughlin (5/3/19):

Jerry Patterson: What part of "open government" is so hard to understand? These whack jobs most certainly do not practice what they preach.

Brian Breen: Anyone could have legally recorded that meeting in the state of Washington as long as the conversations were public and not private. It would be pretty hard to convince a judge or a jury that the communications taking place at an event like that were in any way private communications.

Clyde Herrington: As far as the wolf/cattle conflict, I'll be the first to bring up the point that this planet needs fewer cattle.

Michael Mentzer: This left-leaning Spokane resident says bring it on you phony Christian closeted fascists! ♦

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