Readers respond to American Redoubt, Washington tax system stories

Letters to the editor

click to enlarge RJ Blahut, president of the Lower Valley Assembly. - WILSON CRISCIONE
Wilson Criscione
RJ Blahut, president of the Lower Valley Assembly.


As an independent progressive I found the "Here in the American Redoubt" article (Inlander 5/11/17) disturbing. It seems these conservative Christians have decided those of the liberal persuasion are the enemy and unworthy of U.S. citizenship. Had such an attitude prevailed during the Convention of 1787 there would be no U.S. Constitution. The wisdom of our founding fathers was accepting the need for compromise for the greater good. These redoubters talk about our Constitution and Christianity while ignoring what the first article of the Bill of Rights clearly states about religion. They want to divide our state because they don't like "west side liberals." I live in Spokane County, but I do not advocate that the 3rd state Legislative District secede from Spokane County because all the county commissioners are Republican. I accept the fact that the majority vote Republican without declaring Republicans as the enemy. We are citizens of the same nation and state. Fellow citizens are not the enemy because of political disagreements.

Duwayne Huffaker

Spokane, Wash.

Readers respond to "Unsoak The Poor" (5/25/17), our story about Washington state's tax system that asks if there is any way for legislators to prevent taxes from punishing the poor:

Erik Jon Lee: One party fights for the poor, one for the rich. To hell with the middle class, eh?

Elizabeth Parker: Yes. An income tax.

Jennifer Earley: No income tax!!!

Frederick Woehler: Would love to see an income tax combined with a repeal of the sales tax. Most of us would keep more of our money and the state would still get its cut.

Larry Frostad: Won't happen. We'd end up with both.

Mariah Almeida: I pay less taxes here than I did on the East Coast, so... lower it, sure, income tax on top of sales tax on top of the unique business use tax if you run a small business? NO THANKS. ♦

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