Readers respond to our intolerance column, Blessings' eviction and Wingate's departure

Letters to the editor

click to enlarge Blessings Under The Bridge are still helping Spokane's needy while facing a coming eviction. - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Blessings Under The Bridge are still helping Spokane's needy while facing a coming eviction.

Readers respond to "We Can't Tolerate Intolerance" (8/31/17), Jace Bylenga's column on the need for white people to actively fight racism:

Scott Diamond: There will always be racism. From all sides. Let them have their KKK parties, Black Panther parties and protest all they want. It's their right as an American citizen. There will always be good and evil.

Jonathan Zaragoza: Good men just stand by and do nothing. Got it.

Julie Cochran: Our fathers fought WWII to end the Nazi plague ... that argument has already been settled and millions died because of the Nazis and their hate ... the subject is not open again.

Khira Mikkelsen: Wooooow all the people offended by this article. Empathy is a beautiful thing y'all. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes? Take a sociology class, learn about some of the systemic racism in this country and stop taking things so personally... unless maybe you should?

Readers respond to our blog about chef Ian Wingate's departure from Table 13 at the Davenport Grand (9/1/17):

Harry Crase: End of an era. This man did a lot for the food scene here in Spokane. You will be missed and good luck!

Ellie Caracajou-Littlewolf: I have loved every venue Ian has developed here. He certainly held the culinary spotlight here for a very long time. Thank you for being an innovator in the epicurean scene in Spokane. You've made those of us in "the industry" quite proud.

Readers respond to "Blessings and Burdens" (8/31/17), our story about nonprofit Blessings Under the Bridge's impending eviction:

Lindsay Howell: The city wants to spend $150,000 to put jagged rocks underneath bridges so homeless people can't sleep there anymore. I think $150,000 could do a lot better addressing the homeless problem than spending it on rocks.

CB Zorrozua: Absolutely agreed! BUTB is actually doing meaningful work under the freeway. It's just shameful to make them find another place to provide services to these people. ♦

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