They keep warm during winters with a continual soft glow emitting from their smartphones, braving lines at 5 am for the latest release of new upgrades and next best things. During the holidays you can't lure them away from their many luminescent screens, even with promises of honey-glazed ham and presents under the tree. They want the watches and the speakers, the drones and the keyboards. While you can in no way satisfy the techie's every shiny, portable, million-megabyte desire, you can sure try your best. And hey, it's the thought that counts, right?


With the release of the new Star Wars film, which your techie is bound to see on opening night, gift them a continued galactic high with this app-enabled BB-8 droid. The 3.93 inches of cuteness can rove around your home, react to the sound of your voice, and even create and view holographic recordings, all from the touch of a smartphone. This Christmas, may the force be with you, and also with your new droid. $150 • Downtown Apple Store • 710 W. Main


If your techie loves music, this portable speaker will allow them to take their tunes on the go in style. While there are dozens of portable speakers on the market, few can compete with the unparalleled sound quality that Bose offers. The handheld device produces loud and clear sound and boasts up to eight hours of battery life. With five colors to chose from, it's not a question of if your techie will like it or not, but what color will best match their other gadgets. $120 • Huppin's • 8016 N. Division


The newest release from Amazon is the mother of all technology gifts this season. Since the at-home device is hands-free, all you need to operate it is the sound of your voice. It can handle commands and questions like: "How is traffic?" "Add eggs to my shopping list." "Set an alarm for 7 am," and "When do the Seahawks play next?" The Echo is not only a highly adaptive and cutting-edge device, but will become a constant home companion for when your techie is feeling lonely and needs a friend. $149 •


While the market is bursting with various fitness watches and wristbands, with these prices and a name like Garmin, this gift is a great fit for any techie trying to get on track with New Year's resolutions. A feature unique to the Vívofit is its ability to learn your fitness levels, and in turn assign personalized goals each morning. $80-$150 • Runners Soul • 221 N. Wall


Wireless computing is continually evolving, and this gadget is paving the way for future inputting. Any Bluetooth-enabled device can connect to the virtually projected keyboard, which is no bigger than a box of matches. It boasts a full-size QWERTY keyboard complete with simulated typing sounds, so the techie in your life can whip this out in public and gloat amid a chorus of "oohs" and "ahhs." $110 • Wollnick's General Store • 421 W. Main

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