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click to enlarge Ice cream from Brain Freeze
Ice cream from Brain Freeze

Ben's Yogurt and Deli Esteemed for their frozen yogurt, Ben's leaves room for pleasing experiences and a sensation for the taste buds. Multiple dessert flavors change periodically. When we called, Ben's rattled off flavors like strawberry lemonade sorbet, mountain blackberry, strawberry shortcake, and orchard cherry chocolate. Also check it out for lunch and dessert. The wraps are huge. The California wrap comes filled with turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados and ranch dressing. 9119 E. Broadway Ave. • 893-8050 •

Blu Berry Frozen Yogurt Blu Berry is a cheery little place, with vibrant colors, free samples and an always-changing assortment of frozen yogurt flavors, not just blueberry. Top your favorite with every possible candy, nut and sauce — they claim to have the biggest topping selection in Spokane. Then smile big as you use one of the shop's digital cameras to take a selfie with your beloved yogurt, to be displayed on one of Blu Berry's plasma televisions. 1802 W. Francis Ave. • 315-5902 | 3007 E. 57th Ave., Suite 3 • 443-6588 •

Brain Freeze Creamery Brain Freeze has been making ice cream in Spokane Valley for local restaurants and ice cream shops for more than a decade, but now the company has its own shops in Kendall Yards and on the South Hill. Along with an array of interesting ice cream flavors — huckleberry, caramel cashew, Mexican chocolate, Rice Krispies treat — the shop also offers espresso drinks and fresh-made sandwiches. 1238 W. Summit Pkwy. | 3103 S. Grand • 321-7569 •

Did's Hawaiian Shack & Arcade The walls are embellished with shiny surfboards, and beach towel-esque wall panels are strewn with actual flip-flops at Did's, which makes no secret about appealing to "the perpetual surfer in all of us." Choose from 12 froyo flavors (42 cents per ounce), shaved ice or bubble tea before lining up to order pizza, teriyaki plates, salads or calzones, which force even college dudes from Gonzaga to leave with to-go boxes. Beer and cocktails, from nearby Thai Bamboo, are also available. 5406 N. Division St. • 808-2090 •

Didier's Yogurt & More An iconic destination for nearby Whitworth University undergrads, Didier's has been doing the froyo thing for more than 25 years. In addition to the frozen treats, you can also pick up a burger or other lunch-style items at this mom-and-pop operation all day. Consider it Spokane's original frozen yogurt shop. 10410 N. Division St. • 466-8434 •

Doyle's Ice Cream Parlour Cheaper than chain ice cream shops and scooping up servings of the frozen goodness bigger than your head (believe it or not, that's only a slight overstatement), this little red-and-white-striped building is a favorite in the West Central neighborhood. Decorated with vintage toys, kids love looking around Doyle's, finding a new toy each time they come in, while the masters behind the counter artfully create the best treats. The smell of the homemade waffle cones will draw you in and the taste of the ice cream will keep you coming back. 2229 W. Boone Ave. • Facebook: Doyle's Ice Cream Parlor 
Froyo Earth This local yogurt chain keeps expanding across the Northwest, adding location after location, in the same manner you'll add frozen yogurt topping after frozen yogurt topping. Froyo Earth offers customers 10 flavors of yogurt or sorbet along with more than 50 toppings. It's self-serve — you, and only you, control your froyo destiny. They charge by the ounce, so you'll be tempted to go for "light toppings." Don't fool yourself; the heavy ones taste better. 172 S. Division St., Suite B • 455-8000 | 829 E. Boone Ave.• 315-5034 | 12519 N. Division St. • 315-4910 | 325 S. Sullivan Rd., Spokane Valley • 368-9618 |2722 First St., Cheney, Wash. • 235-8000 •

Jamms Frozen Yogurt Jamms has 10 rotating "taps" of froyo, and an exotic selection of flavors like creamy birthday cake, cake batter, chocolate caramel turtle and green apple sorbet. Then there are the 50-plus toppings to choose from, including cheesecake bites, mint meltaways, hot maple walnut, and even "mocha" — a Japanese rice cake. Mix, match and try out all the possible permutations. 954 W. Pullman Rd., Moscow, Idaho • 208-892-8327 | 3500 Govt. Way, Suite 107, Coeur d'Alene • 208-665-0485 •

Roger's Ice Cream While Roger's looks like an average ice cream stand on the side of Coeur d'Alene's Sherman Ave., it stands as a staple of the Coeur d'Alene summertime tradition. Homemade fries, a menagerie of ice cream flavors, and a good burger have fed sun-tanned and sweaty resort-goers for years. Outdoor seating in the summer and a heated tent in the winter aren't the usual sit-down dining setting, so make sure to bring a jacket and an appreciation for downtown Coeur d'Alene. 1224 Sherman Ave., Coeur d'Alene • 208-930-4900 •

The Scoop The Scoop is the South Hill's perfect hideaway for families, bike geeks, and bike-geek families. The small neighborhood parlor has a kids corner and serves sinfully delicious ice cream on homemade waffle cones. Also check out their selection of sandwiches (including a brilliant breakfast bagel) and, in summer, their excellent patio. 1001 W. 25th Ave. • 535-7171 •

Top This Top This serves as both a challenge to competing yogurt stands and an instruction manual to visitors. At this self-serve yogurt shop, you pick your flavor, then it's up to you to top that. Add some fresh fruit, or mix in a trifecta of your favorite kind of candy, whipped cream and sprinkles. 202 W. Ironwood Dr., Coeur d'Alene • 208-676-1199 | 740 N. Cecil Rd., Post Falls, Idaho • 208-777-9588 •

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