Shop, eat, shop some more. Maybe catch a movie, concert or other performance at the historic Panida Theater. Or take a stroll down by the lake. That alone would be a pleasant enough day in Sandpoint, one of our favorite staycation destinations convenient to both Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. But within a 3-to-4-block square, Sandpoint packs plenty of gift-giving punch in a small town with an abundance of funky, fresh and locally owned spots.


If you've ever gotten the proverbial ugly Christmas sweater, you'll appreciate the perfect fit of your favorite beverage in a to-go container. It's economical — typically cheaper to buy beer by the ounce — and environmentally friendly, eliminating packaging waste. The top-of-the-line HydroSteel ($49) keeps your No-Li Spin Cycle Red Ale cold for about eight hours, but the amber growlers carry the same amount for less ($8). Since one size does not fit all, check out 32-ounce "grunts" for dainty drinkers in your midst. $8-$49 • Idaho Pour Authority • 203 Cedar


Just remembered it's your anniversary? Just tell your beloved to give you a minute, literally, because that's all it takes to microwave a cake or two... or even four. You get four dishwasher-safe, oversize cupcake baking cups that will have you feeling all Iron Chef-y fabulous. Cake mix sold separately (obviously). $18.50 • Weekends & Company • 329 N. First


It's never too early to indoctrinate your kids with media-based trends and brand consciousness. With the Chill Baby Pacifier, hipster parents (or friends and family thereof) can upsell baby's cuteness factor and Facebook appeal with a mustachioed binky (there's also a pink bunny-nosed one). Gives whole new meaning to the term lip blanket. $12 • Zany Zebra • 317 N. First


You don't have to be Norwegian to appreciate Uff Da humor (although it probably helps). What is Uff Da humor? According to the Uff Da mug: "Eating hot soup with a runny nose" or realizing you're not getting better, "you're just getting older." Better yet, just say "Uff Da." See, you're laughing already. $8.50 • Scandinavian Affair • 319 N. First


Who says diamonds are a girl's best friend? Maybe that's the wrong soul vibration for her personality. How can you tell? Ask for a reading — based on birthday and physical characteristics — to determine whether the harmonizing fire qualities of the Stone Pink Sapphire are a good fit. Purported benefits range from clearing emotional blocking to bringing about unconditional love, but we just think it's breathtakingly beautiful. $700 • Zero Point Crystals, Gems & More • 226 N. First


According to USA Today, the American public pampered their pets to the tune of $53 billion dollars in 2012. Can they tell? Who knows? We're talking about animals that lick their tail ends. But it's pretty darn cute to have a feeder dish that matches your rustic lake-cabin decor. $59-79 • Northwest Handmade • 308 N. First


Turn any vehicle into your version of a PopeMobile with this admittedly blasphemous gift (although we know some men and women of the cloth who have a blessedly welcome sense of humor about this kind of stuff). While a bobblehead version would probably have been even funnier, you're sure to get some looks with this spring-loaded model. If anyone asks, just point to your dashboard to remind him or her the "reason for the season." $6 • Zany Zebra • 317 N. First


There's something uplifting about angels. And there's something whimsical and sweet about the ones Diane Kinney makes using tufts of wool from nearby A Child's Dream arts and crafts supply store. A little sparkly, a lot of baby's breath-softness, these make for an ideal hostess gift, ornament for the tree, or treasured doll for your little angel. $8-18 • Mountain Song Gallery • 300 N. First

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