'Scientific Vibes,' Nick

The Spokane equivalent of Beck makes a perfect homage to our strange town.

Scientific Vibes is ostensibly the homespun debut album of local musician Nick Rowland, although he often performs with a band assisting in the delivery of his eccentric, multi-instrumental style. Released with the backing of independent Coeur d’Alene label Rock Over London, the album carries a tone of melancholic wanderlust with a Sea Change-era Beck sheen over it all.

In its own way, it seems to accurately represent a definitively Inland Northwest-born outlook on life. “You’re lyin’ to yourself,” Nick sings with somber resonance, “when you’re pissing into the wind. Meltin’ down, in a dead end little town.” Incidentally, that song (appropriately titled “Dead End Town”), if looked up on YouTube, will please the inquiring listener with an excellent video produced by local auteur/lothario Aaron Fink.

Overall, despite some sleepier tracks, Scientific Vibes could serve as quite the apropos soundtrack for our little town.

DOWNLOAD: "Dead-End Town"

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