Every morning, I can't help but smile when I open the back door to let our dogs out. They come running at the sound of the hinges. But then they pause before they leave the house, cocking their heads to take a sniff of the cold air before they each sink into deep downward facing dog poses, eyes squinted shut, simply enjoying the start of a new day. It's as refreshing for me to watch as it must feel for them. In fact, it's hard to argue that enjoying a good stretch — even vicariously — is not time well spent.

In this issue, Samantha Wohlfeil takes us on a tour of ways to stretch our minds in her story, "Brain Games."

In our feature "The Creative Kitchen," writer Carrie Scozzaro explores the ways kitchen design is stretching to include new materials and features.

And Jacob Jones writes about a loaded topic in "Labor Relations": That is, household chores and who's gonna do 'em. He finds there are strategies couples can use to stretch the traditional, gender-based ways of dividing household duties, an exercise that actually promises to be "an amazing opportunity for growth as a couple and as a family."


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