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Strains local budtenders say smokers can't get enough of

Golden Pineapple is a sweet tropical hybrid.
Golden Pineapple is a sweet tropical hybrid.

Montana Silvertip

This Montana-born strain, a Granddaddy Purple-Super Silver Haze hybrid, is reputed to treat ADD/ADHD, migraines and anxiety. The earthy, berry-flavored strain is especially popular at Royal's Cannabis. "It's a real 50/50 hybrid," budtender Ben Neidigh says. "It's right in the middle as far as effect is concerned, and people really seem to like that sweet spot."

Golden Pineapple

The sweet, tropical hybrid of Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush is perfect for consumers looking for a creative, uplifting high and relief from stress and anxiety.

Blue Dream

A mix of Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream has the calming, euphoric effects you'd expect in a strain from California. The sweet, berry-flavored strain's high THC content makes it a go-to for relief from pain, depression and nausea.


The aptly titled tropical strain is said to be more head-heavy than other sativas, with an effect that builds slowly and lasts for more than two hours for some users. Golden Pineapple, Blue Dream (also popular at Royal's Cannabis) and Maui are all top sellers at Lucky Leaf. Budtender Justin Fulton thinks that's because the strains are all sativa-dominant. "People on this side of the state are really into the sativas more for the activeness," he says. "People are looking for the heady, more creative [strains]. They want to get out and hike and do stuff, instead of sit in their house and do video games."

Blue Suede Shoes

The origins of this strain are unknown (some say it's a cross between Afgoo and Heavy Duty, others think it's OG Kush crossed with an unknown sativa), but its popularity among Cinder customers is proven. Budtender/supervisor Zack Krogh says the shop has a difficult time keeping it in stock, and has created a sign-up list so fans of the strain can be notified when the next shipment comes in. "We usually have at least 15 names between the last Blue Suede Shoes we sell and when it comes back in," Krogh says. "It doesn't stay on the shelf for more than a week."♦

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