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CONCERT REVIEW: Indigo Girls and Spokane Symphony meld seamlessly

Posted By on Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 3:00 PM

Indigo Girls' Amy Ray (left) and Emily Saliers melded well with the Spokane Symphony during their 17-song set. - DAN NAILEN
  • Dan Nailen
  • Indigo Girls' Amy Ray (left) and Emily Saliers melded well with the Spokane Symphony during their 17-song set.

The pairing of pop musicians with a symphony orchestra can be a dicey thing, potentially leaving fans of the guest artist and the symphony both unsatisfied with the results. 

It's doubtful that will be the case for anyone who saw the Indigo Girls join forces with the Spokane Symphony Saturday night for a memorable couple hours at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox. 

For Indigo Girls fans — and there were plenty, judging by the non-stop shouted requests and impromptu dancing dotting both sets — hearing 17 songs evolve from their folk-pop roots into lushly orchestrated epics was a treat. For symphony regulars, hearing the local musicians conducted by Jorge Luis Uzcátegui tackle something beyond classical music must have made for a distinctly different night at the symphony. And judging by the looks on the faces of many the symphony musicians themselves, they were having as much fun as the audience and featured headliners. 

The Indigo Girls' Amy Ray and Emily Saliers are total pros, capable of delivering an excellent show in virtually any environment, so it's no surprise the orchestrated versions of their catalog worked well. Possibly surprising to them, judging by their ecstatic response to the Spokane Symphony's efforts behind them on stage, was how well the songs would come across on this visit to Eastern Washington, the only symphony performance of their fall tour. 

The duo repeatedly gave the musicians love in their between-song banter, and Saliers called it the "best symphony show" she could remember. The audience was just as engaged, giving the Girls a standing ovation before they played a single song, and several more after. 

In many ways, the show resembled a typical Indigo Girls set, in terms of the mix of old favorites and newer songs, and tunes punctuated with Ray or Saliers exclaiming "Thanks, y'all!" Every song came with the Girls' swapping out acoustic guitars for electrics or mandolins or more acoustic guitars. All familiar activities for folks who have seen the duo over their three-plus decades on the road. 

But the orchestra definitely brought a welcome new feel to several songs. Ray's "Compromise" was brilliant and dramatic in its new iteration. The xylophone (maybe marimba?) that opened "Galileo" was a nice touch, as was the solo violin at the beginning of Saliers' "The Wood Song." Old favorite "Chickenman" was a treat, as the symphony members rocked out to keep up with Ray's stomping tune, and Saliers' "Ghost" was truly transporting for the audience, as she said it was for her when we chatted last week

All in all, it was both an excellent Indigo Girls performance and fun night at the symphony, and an altogether different type of show for both. As Saliers' said in introducing "Power of Two" and welcoming people to sing along, "I was going to say 'don't be afraid because it's a symphony show,' but I can tell you're not." 

Nope, the audience embraced this special combination just fine. 

1. Love Of Our Lives
2. Damo
3. Come a Long Way Emily
5. Virginia Woolf 
6. Happy in the Sorrow Key
7. Power of Two
8. Kid Fears
9. Galileo
10. Fugitive
11. The Wood Song
12. Yoke
13. Mystery
14. Chickenman
15. Ghost
16. Go
17. Closer to Fine
People on their feet and dancing—not a typical scene at the Spokane Symphony. - DAN NAILEN
  • Dan Nailen
  • People on their feet and dancing—not a typical scene at the Spokane Symphony.

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THIS WEEK: Stirring speakers, slam poets, Suds & Cinema and more

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The Big Lebowski is this week's Suds & Cinema feature on Thursday.
  • The Big Lebowski is this week's Suds & Cinema feature on Thursday.

A bevy of excellent entertainment opportunities are out there for your consideration in our event listings and carefully selected Staff Picks. Take a virtual stroll through those when you have time. 

Here are a few highlights of the week ahead: 

Monday, Oct. 17

WORDS | Head over to Gonzaga for a talk led by University of Calgary professor Paul Chastko about the shale-energy revolution and its long-term effects on the region. The talk is called Back to the Future: North America's Petroleum Revolution and the Increased Transportation of Oil by Rail. That's a mouthful, but it's sure to be an intriguing talk. It's free, starts at 7 pm, and is in the school's Jepson Center. 

LIVE BANDS | Halestorm are rising stars in the hard-rock scene, always packing a big crowd into whatever venue they're playing. For me, though, the true headliner of Monday's show is Lita Ford, once a bandmate of Joan Jett's in The Runaways and now a solo headliner reclaiming her crown as a metal queen. Dorothy opens the show, which just sold out on Friday, so you'll have to hit Craig's List to get some tix. Here's a clip of all the ladies doing the Runaways' "Cherry Bomb:"

Tuesday, Oct. 18

WORDS | You might think you're sick of election talk, but it's different when it comes from a pro like Pete Wehner, who worked in the George W. Bush White House and has since written for a variety of outlets on politics. It's free, in the Whitworth union building at 7 pm. 

Wednesday, Oct. 19

LIVE BANDS | The Pin! hosts a bevy of hard-hitting bands tonight, including North by North, Supervillain, Buddha Slave, Lucky Chase and Peru Rush

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Friday, October 14, 2016

THIS WEEKEND IN MUSIC: Indigo Girls, Ringo Starr, Anthrax and more

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Tonight, Spokane's folk-forward group Folkinception hosts its own album-recording fundraiser at Iron Goat Brewing Co. The forthcoming CD will be the crowd-pleasing band's second, and their first album was funded by crowdsourcing as well (read about that right here). The show, which starts at 7 pm, is free to attend but donations are greatly appreciated.

With their new EP, Throw Your Head to the World!, local act Boat Race Weekend is still taking their emotional style of pop-punk quite seriously. The busy group — childhood best friends who formed a band in 2013 while attending Gonzaga University — will share the four-track EP in its entirety at Saturday’s release show at the Big Dipper, which starts at 7:30 pm and is $8 at the door. The EP was produced and recorded by Dawson Scholz of the Idaho-based the Ongoing Concept.

Over the decade's Erika Wennerstrom's songwriting has evolved, but she's still a bluesy belter at heart. To better give you a taste of her style, the singer-songwriter leaves her band, the Heartless Bastards, behind for her solo show at the Bartlett this Saturday. The show starts at 8 pm and is $15 the day of. 
This weekend, they're just two girls and an orchestra.
  • This weekend, they're just two girls and an orchestra.

Indigo Girls
hook up with the Spokane Symphony Saturday to deliver one of the most thrilling mash-ups of the season. Expect this totally live set to make you rethink the band's entire catalogue. The show starts at 8 pm and starts at $40. Read our fresh interview with the band right here. 

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3rd annual Big Lebowski Suds & Cinema coming up: Beer! Costumes! Free parking! A rug that ties the room together!

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Two years ago, we invited folks to watch the Big Lebowski with us for our Suds & Cinema series, our local beer-meets-movies event. We packed a theater with that screening, so we did it again the following year. That worked, too.

So, for the third year, we're doing a Lebowski celebration on Thursday, Oct. 20. And it's at a new venue for us — Riverside Place, which most of you know as the old Masonic Center. We've got a huge, creepy-cool room reserved for the screening, which features beer from No-Li Brewhouse, Lebowski-themed ice cream from Brain Freeze and also some other food options.

The parking, located on Main Avenue on the north side of the Masonic Center, is completely free if you're going to the movie. Admission is just $5 at the door, too.

And if you decide to dress up as a character from the movie, you could be walking home with some cold, hard cash from Horizon Credit Union. We'll have three categories: the Dude, Walter and Wild Card (any other character in the film). Winners of each category receive $50.

We'll be getting beers going at 6 pm, with the contest and movie starting around 7 pm.
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Actually, the DEA isn't going to ban opioid-like drug kratom — yet

Posted By on Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 11:30 AM


Last month, we reported the Drug Enforcement Agency's plans to ban kratom, the leaf from Asia with opioid-like effects. 

Turns out that's not happening anymore. 

After backlash from those who use the ground-up leaves, members of Congress, scientists who spoke of the potential to help people manage chronic pain and kick opioid addiction and basically the entire Internet, the DEA back-peddled in an unprecedented move.

DEA Special Agent Melvin Patterson told the Seattle Times that the agency has never reversed itself like this before.

Protesters even marched on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House.

Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike objected to the DEA's impending ban in a letter saying the move "threatens the transparency of the scheduling process and its responsiveness to the input of both citizens and the scientific community."

So far, six states — Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont and Tennessee — have banned kratom on their own. But adding the plant to the DEA's list of Schedule 1 controlled substances would prevent scientists from studying it and would make it a felony to possess it. Other Schedule 1 substances include LSD, heroin, Ecstasy and marijuana and, by definition of the DEA, have "no currently accepted medical use." 

It its initial announcement, the DEA cited 15 kratom-related deaths, but 14 of those involved other drugs. 

This doesn't mean the DEA will never ban kratom. But the agency has decided to continue taking input from the public until Dec. 1, and will potentially make a decision after that.
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Why libertarian Tea Party Republican Ed Pace endorses a Democrat for county commission

Posted By on Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 10:45 AM

Spokane Valley Councilman Ed Pace
  • Spokane Valley Councilman Ed Pace

On most issues, Ed Pace and Andrew Biviano don't see eye-to-eye, to say the least.

Pace, a Spokane Valley City Councilman, is a self-proclaimed libertarian, constitutionalist, Tea Party Republican (who says he doesn't feel obligated to be loyal to any political party). Biviano, a former mental health case worker who is now a civil rights attorney, is a Democrat running for a seat on the Spokane County Board of Commissioners. 

But when Pace announced this summer who he endorsed for county commissioner, he didn't choose the Republican who currently occupies the seat, Shelly O'Quinn. Instead, he chose Biviano. 

"It's not because Biviano and I are on the same side of the political spectrum — in fact, we're on opposite ends of it," Pace says.

So why does Pace endorse Biviano? It's partly because he values his experience as an attorney and mental health case worker. He thinks Biviano's skills in those areas will be helpful to the county. Pace and Biviano also agree that Greater Spokane Incorporated should not be funded by the government. And because, in Pace's view, O'Quinn is a "true politician," meaning her stances are prone to change based on the "political winds."

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GOP donors, Dobbs' dastardly deed and a windy batch of morning headlines

Posted By on Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 9:44 AM

Power companies are reportedly prepping for potential outages due to today's expected windstorm. - YOUNG KWAK
  • Young Kwak
  • Power companies are reportedly prepping for potential outages due to today's expected windstorm.


• You a cat person or a dog person? Either way, vote in the Pawlitics poll put together by the Spokane Humane Society — and drop 'em a few bucks to support their efforts in saving cute and cuddly animals. 

• Learn why dog's smell so much better than humans, among other interesting tidbits, in this week's InHealth blog

• Tonight on Dateline NBC, they delve into the South Hill murder-for-hire case of James Henrikson. See a preview of the episode here


Batten down the hatches
Yes, it's going to be windy today. No, it's not going to be a repeat of last year's Windpocalypse. We hope. (KXLY)

The Spokesman-Review reports on the fact the Spokane Fire Department has only hired one woman in the last 18 years. That is...not many. 

A Kootenai County hunter last seen on Monday was found dead at the bottom of a ravine near Bernard Peak. (KREM)


Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Big GOP donors are the latest group to have to decide whether to stick by beleagured presidential candidate Donald Trump. (New York Times)

Seriously dude?
Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs tweeted out the phone number and address of one of the women accusing Trump of inappropriate behavior. What a cool guy! (Washington Post)

The Clinton campaign, in the meantime, finds itself the target of angry religious leaders over some comments about Catholics found in the campaign emails leaked by Wikileaks. (CNN)

I Love LA
The Los Angeles Dodgers took out the Washington Nationals in the deciding game of their playoff series, setting up a National League showdown with the Chicago Cubs. Tonight, the American League championship series kicks off with the Cleveland Indians and Toronto Bluejays. (ESPN)
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spokane Humane Society's "Pawlitics" puts twist on election to help pets

Posted By on Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 4:54 PM

Cat person or dog person? Every vote for your species counts!
  • Cat person or dog person? Every vote for your species counts!

Put aside your differences regarding the two-legged candidates running for presidential office this election cycle. The real question is at hand: Are you for the Democats, or the Repuplicans? 

For its newest fundraising and community awareness campaign, the nonprofit Spokane Humane Society is asking the community to cast their votes for the four-legged species of their preference. (Full disclosure: I volunteer there on a semi-regular basis to snuggle and socialize cats; and my adorable floofy cat Dellie is an SHS alumna... which means you also might guess which party I'm for here).

The main goal of the campaign — launched earlier this week at — is to get the public to interact with the shelter in a fun way, while learning more about its mission and the need for financial support to carry out that mission. Another angle of the program is to emphasize responsible pet-ownership behaviors, which in turn helps lower the number of animals in shelters.

"This political, two-legged campaign is not something anyone is excited about, so in an attempt to grab onto some of the fever that's been boiling over, we thought this would be a nice way to have a laugh and take a break," says Jenna Carroll, Spokane Humane Society outreach and volunteer coordinator.

On, users can vote for their favorite Democat or Repuplican party candidate vying for positions like "Senat-grr" (this week's featured race) and "Secretary of Plate" (one of the races to come).

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Your dog's nose knows, docs vs. apps and trivia for a good cause

Posted By on Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 4:41 PM


Smelly Dog Tales

Ever wondered why your dog can’t stop sniffing? What’s the rationale behind all that tail-wagging? Both behaviors are a result of a dog’s rich “scent environment.”

And although the dog’s sense of smell is magnificently better than a human's, for the most part, humans aren’t even using the limited capacity we possess. “It’s not culturally permissible in Western culture to stick our noses in things or other people,” says Alexandra Horowitz, the author of a new book called Being a Dog: Following a Dog Into a World of Smell. “We’re in a deodorization moment in time.” Horowitz is determined to take back that sense of smell as she recounts exploring New York City with her dog.

Doctors versus Apps 

While many of us turn to “Dr. Google” before we consult with a real physician, a new study shows cyber-diagnosticians have a long way to go before they can compete with a flesh-and-blood medical school graduate. In one test, which pitted symptom-checking apps against a group of physicians, including residents and fellows, the humans got the correct diagnosis 72 percent of the time, while the apps and websites were right just 34 percent of the time. Doctors outperformed apps even more when it came to identifying uncommon maladies.

Trivia Time! 

Here’s you chance to cheer on corporate and individual teams as they test their knowledge at the annual Spokane Trivia Championship, benefitting the Spokane Public Library’s STEM programs.

Audience members can play along as questions will be projected on a screen while teams scramble to write their answers on a white board. Prizes go to Best Cheering Section and Funniest Wrong Answer. The fun is Wednesday, Oct. 19,  at 7 pm at the Bing Crosby Theater, 901 W. Sprague.
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Henrikson murder-for-hire trial featured on Dateline NBC this Friday

Posted By on Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 10:30 AM

James Henrikson
  • James Henrikson

A business deal apparently gone wrong, a vindictive goon and a murder-for-hire plot that ended in the deaths of two men — one buried somewhere in North Dakota's oil fields, the other a Spokane businessman.

Those are the details that led a jury to convict James Henrikson of 11 charges for his role in ordering the hits on Kristopher "K.C." Clarke and Douglas Carlile. Clarke's body has never been found, and Carlile was murdered in his South Hill home in 2013. Timothy Suckow, a Spokane Valley resident, confessed to killing both men at Henrikson's direction.

Henrikson was given multiple life sentences in May for his role in the plots. 

This Friday, Dateline NBC will air interviews with Henrikson's girlfriend Sarah Creveling, who is speaking publicly for the first time. The episode will also feature never-before-seen footage of Henrikson's interrogation and an interview with Carlile's widow, Elberta Carlile.

The episode airs 8 pm PT. Here's a teaser: 

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