Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MORNING HEADLINES: Firemen and Bombermen

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Fire's up Today is the due date to turn in any ballots for the emergency medical services levy. The levy has been renewed every six years since 1980. If it's not renewed this year, the city Fire Department loses a full fourth of their budget.

Ring a belle? No need to blast the air raid siren. That World War II flying bomber above is merely the Liberty Belle, one of only 14 B-17 Flying Fortresses left in existence. Family members of World War II veterans may be given a chance to fly in the plane their father or grandfather piloted.

Chief Seattle Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick is one of the top 11 choices to be the new Seattle police chief. The Inlander's Kevin Taylor reports that Kirkpatrick believes a recent vote of no confidence by the Spokane police guild was intended to harm her chances of getting hired for the Seattle job.  

Sry, g2g, car crash Good news, texting-while-driving-fans! Coeur d'Alene will wait at least one more legislative session before enacting their own city-wide ban on text messaging while driving. The city council is waiting for the state to pass its own law, before spending time on a law that may be overturned.

Kicking Sachs Today begins the hearings into all the hijiinks Goldman Sachs pulled as the country dove into recession. Expect a whole lot of "for shame!" speeches.

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