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Pools out for the summer It's time for the great unwashed teeming masses to return to the public pools. Once again, there's a cover charge — $1 for kids, $2 for adults — but low-income children can acquire free passes. (SR)

Mussel cramps As ecologically deadly mussels continue to march — ever-so-slowly slowly swarming — across the country, boats in Spokane county found themselves the subject of a surprise mussel inspection. (KXLY)

This bike is my bike, this bike is your bike Coeur d’Alene had a bit of an odd problem. Several bike racks they added were so artsy than many people weren't using them to rack bikes.When they started adding example bikes to the racks, it gave them an idea: What about using those bikes as part of a bike sharing program? (CDP)

At least the uniform remained on There's an old saying: If you must put a photo of yourself on a porn site, please, please, don't wear your Spokane Sheriff's deputy outfit while doing it. He resigned. (KHQ)

Today's ethnic strife is brought to you by: Kyrgyzstan. Four days of violence — mostly against Uzbeks — have turned the Central Asian region into one big refugee crisis. (NYT)

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