Friday, June 18, 2010

Morning Headlines: Tax and Trash

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Hart to Hart As if the jokes about the name of his district weren't enough, Idaho's Phil Hart (R-Athol) is now the subject of an ethics investigation, due to his tendency to invoke "legislative privilege" for his own tax problems with the IRS. (SR)

Recession receding? Idaho home sales have reached their highest point since 2007. (CDP)

No more Mr. Nice Ombudsguy Used to be that Tim Burns, the police ombudsman, wasn't requesting any investigative authority. He is now, believing he needs it in order to give his office credibility. (SR)

Garbage in, garbage out A garbage truck in Spokane became so overstuffed the back burst open, spewing garbage all over a South Hill street. (KREM)

No sudden moves When the recession hit Europe, many countries suddenly found their high levels of government spending were unaffordable. But while many countries are preparing dramatic cutbacks, President Obama cautions them that pulling back too fast could spark another, deeper, global recession. (NYT)

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