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MORNING HEADLINES: Inland Northwest (of Kyrgyzstan) edition

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Artificial fuzz With all the controversy about Spokane’s actual law enforcement officers, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is fake police. But that's exactly what one Gonzaga University student ran into when a "police officer" stopped her, searched her car, and then left her. Suspicious, she called the police. Nope, not a real cop, she said. (KXLY)

A heartwarming tale. With lawyers You know that dog you got from SpokAnimal three years ago? What if all of a sudden, after you'd fallen in love with its adorable wuff and wuvable personality, his old owners came looking for him. That's what happened to one Spokane family, and the ensuing custody battle went all the way to the Washington State Court of Appeals. The result? His old owner gets him back. In my day, we just settled it the old-fashioned way — with both of us calling to the dog, and he'd run to whoever he truly loved more. (SR)

Kyrgyzstan news that Spokane needs Spokane local TV news crews have very few foreign correspondents reporting from the field. But John Langeler is spending the week in Kyrgyzstan, reporting on how the war in Afghanistan has affected the Pacific Northwest. The Inlander is hereby informed that if they ever need to embed me in Europe, I'm willing (begrudgingly) to go. (KREM)

This program may not be suitable for miners Viewer discretion is advised. In the best kind of media spectacle, a third of the Chilean Miners have been brought to the service, in full view of waiting cameras and a world on the edge of their respective seats. (NYT)

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