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MORNING HEADLINES: The Four Loko Boys and the Mystery of the Missing Caffeine

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Run fish! Be free! A semi-truck turnover ended up spilling a massive load of fish onto I-90. That's what that smell is. Warning: If a white wine truck spills in the same place, things could get very classy very fast.  (KXLY)

3.5 Loko Is a Four Loko drink without caffeine really a Four Loko drink at all? After the alcohol-laden energy drink, ridiculously popular with Gonzaga students, helped to hospitalized Central Washington Students, Washington state decided to ban the drink. (Word is the Central students mixed the drink with vodka as well. Bad idea.) With an upcoming thumbs-down FDA rating, the manufacturers of Four Loco decided to just remove the caffeine from their drink. But now how will College students stay awake on the drive home?  (KREM)

News organization more than willing to take your sensitive secret documents To shred them. At least, that's what they say. As part of National Shred Day American West Bank, Secure Shred, and KHQ are ready, today, to shred identity-exposing documents, papers you don't want the Security Exchange Commission to see, and love letters from jerk former boyfriends. (KHQ)

Chadez and Zapotocky in The Final Checkout You know those movies, where two radically different cops, one a former liberal candidate for political office, and one a chairwoman of the Spokane Republican Party, have to put aside their differences, toss around some wisecracks, and unite to save Spokane's East Side library? It's kinda like that. Except they aren't cops. (SR)

Top o' the bailout list Were there ever two greater friends than Britain and Ireland? Perhaps. But with Ireland the latest European country to have massive debt troubles, Britain may be its savior. (NYT)

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