Thursday, December 2, 2010

PHOTO EYE: Snow angst

Posted on Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 3:19 PM

Bloglander reader Taylor Weech (you may recall we profiled her in our Philanthropy issue this year) sent us this photo of the snow diorama she and some friends created in Riverfront Park last week. Not bad. Almost as impressive as the giant seated snow god we spotted on a North Maple front lawn on Thanksgiving Day. Thing was incredible. 

Question: What's the most impressive snow figure you've seen so far this winter? Where is it? (Send a picture if you have one.)

We also received, totally unsolicited, this poem from reader Ash Roseta, who airs her frustration with improper plowing behavior:

To All the Snow 'Blowers' Out There

I have a bone to pick
with all you snow blowers (you know who you are)!
Blowing snow out on to the street
making it difficult for my little car!

I know you take great pride
clearing every errant flake
But to send it raining out on to the road
What are you thinking, for goodness sake?

The hardworking city plow drivers
have a tough enough job keeping up
So all you do is negate their hard work,
guaranteeing your neighbors will get stuck!

Here's hoping you'll be more considerate
thinking of others as you clear your pathways
Instead of creating great mounds in the street
Causing all drivers to slip sideways!

Perhaps I should end with a cautionary tale
for those creating humongous berms
They shouldn't be surprised if they wake one morning
to find all their snow returned!

Thanks, Ash!

Calling all local photographers! We’re looking for interesting images to post on Bloglander and in the Photographer’s Eye feature in our print edition. Send your entry to joels[at]inlander[dot]com, along with when and where you took it, and your name and phone number. (The Inlander reserves the right to re-publish submitted photos on the web or in the newspaper.)

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