Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trailer Thursday!

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Happy almost holidays everyone! The film industry just put coal in all our stockings:

The series limps through its third entry, this time featuring only two of the Pevensie orphans — Edmund and Lucy — who are again magically whisked away to the land of Narnia, along with their nasty cousin Eustace, to save the world, even though it doesn’t really need saving. Good visuals, great creature effects, mundane acting, and some heavy-handed religiosity. If you must see it, save a few bucks and forego the 3-D version. (ES) Rated PG | SHOWTIMES

Johnny Depp ruins his credibility by starring alongside Angelina Jolie in a suspense thriller about two famous actors who wanted a free trip to Paris and Venice. Depp is a heartbroken man vacationing in Europe when he meets the stunning Jolie aboard the Horrible CG Express. When she later shows up in a boat and says "Come with me," Depp does, of course — though it turns out not to be the best decision he ever made. Then again, even knowing the outcome, we'd probably do the same thing. (DH) Rated PG-13  | SHOWTIMES

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