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THIS JUST OUT: Megamind Radiohead edition

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By some act of divine providence dumb luck, we've reviewed almost everything coming to DVD this week. (Well, OK, not the hundred or so 2010 College Bowl Games that are now available for way more than it cost you originally to TIVO them.)

So rather than waste my breath and your time, I'll just link to these reviews, allowing someone else's wasted breath waste your time:

Ed Symkus gave it a

Rated R

Maryann Johanson gave it a

 Rated PG-13

Ed Symkus gave it a [image-4] , saying: Vincent Cassell oozes charisma and danger in the real life role of Jacques Mesrine, a French gangster who worked his way up to public enemy no. 1 in the '60s and '70s. The film's high violence content includes knives, guns, explosions, prison breaks, and high speed chases. Oddly, you find yourself rooting for the bad guys. Rated R

That just leaves Megamind, which I don't need to explain because a) if you have kids, you've already seen it two-dozen times and b) if you don't have kids by now (to the chagrin of all your mothers), you'll probably never want to. Rated PG


Radiohead | The King of Limbs
This bad boy actually came out on Friday, so if you haven't bought (or, let's be honest, stolen) it yet, you probably haven't been able to take part in a single conversation at work today.

Adele | 21 
Sultry young Brit follows up her debut, 19 (her age then), with 21 (her age now). Fewer critics call her precocious.

Gil Scott-HeronWe're New Here 
The spoken-word master who gave us the phrase "the revolution will not be televised" teams up with Jamie Smith of the xx to redo a 2010 album of the same name.


PS3, XBOX, PC | Bulletstorm
Though this game is generally well-reviewed, Wired Magazine, who we usually consider to be purveyors of good digital taste, took issue with this adrenaline soaked first-person shooter's sense of humor, calling it, "the world's longest dick joke." We're all, like, "uh ... is that a prob?"

PC, PS3 | Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money
The once XBOX-exclusive downloadable episode is now available to everyone else.

DS | Radiant Historia
A handheld JRPG with a better storyline than most. Time-traveling conceit will feel incredibly familiar, but the general consensus is that it's executed quite well.

PSP | Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
The faithfulness of this update of the classic tactical RPG is making nerdboys and girls, young and old, have geekgasm after geekgasm.

PC | Gray Matter
PC adventure game by the chick that last brought PC adventure gamers the PC adventure series Gabriel Knight. Of passing interest to those who are interested in the now very niche genre of PC adventure gaming.

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