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THIS JUST OUT: Avril Lavigne sounds like Ashley Tisdale now Edition

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So is March the time people magically start buying things again after the holidays? Is that science? "Market research" is the only answer I can come up with for the fact that it's been all shit videogames and indie music releases for the past two months, and now all of a sudden the big boys are pumping out major-release content again. Mind-boggling.

What this means, though, for the radio-ready pop music fan, is that you now have a hellish choice before you: whether to spend your pfennigs on Sara Evans or Avril Lavigne.

I don't envy you that choice.


Inside Job
Oscar-winning doc about how a bunch of rich, impulsive, coke-addled assholes destroyed the American economy. Watch if you haven't been filled with bilious rage lately. 
Rated PG-13

Jackass 3
Jackass. In 3D. Questions? Rated R

Morning Glory
Rachel McAdams — who we'd watch doing just about anything in the whole wide world (sweeping chimneys, curling, etc.) — is having a tough time getting a gig as a TV producer. Then she lands one on Day Break, an early-morning network show so bad that it’s a step backwards. Luckily, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton are around to make menopause jokes. Rated PG-13

The Next Three Days
Russell Crowe has no idea how to break someone out of prison. He really should have thought of that before his wife went there. Written/Directed by everyone's favorite whistle-blowing ex-Scientologist. Rated PG-13


Goodbye Lullaby | Avril Lavigne
I was away from the TV this morning when Avril kicked off the Today Show with her new single "What the Hell." I was all, like, "Who is this? Ashley Tisdale?!"

Stronger | Sara Evans
I heard a Sara Evans song the other day and was all, like, "Who is this? Shania Twain?!" 

Lasers | Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco recently lost the title of "rapper we'd love to love but just can't" to Kid Cudi (808s and Heartbreak-era Kanye hopped in there, too, for a minute). Let's see if the less-than-rousing Lasers — which is being dubiously called "club music with a conscience" (doesn't MDMA take that away?) — can get him back on top.

Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang | Raekwon
More proof that you should regard with skepticism any Raekwon album that doesn't begin with "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx"

Collapse Into Now | R.E.M.
More proof that you should regard with skepticism any Michael Stipe record released after 1992.


Unless you are allergic to fun — or own a Wii (which, at this point, is kinda the same thing) — you should be purchasing Dragon Age II this week. It's really the only choice anyway, and it's available for PS3, XBOX and PC.

Your other options are baseball games — Major League Baseball 2K11 for all platforms, and MLB 11 The Show for PS3 and PSP

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