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THIS JUST OUT: A thirteen year old game! In 3D! edition

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D | 3DS 
Let's talk remaking old console games for new systems, okay? It happens entirely too often, especially when it's the same games being remade every generation. How many times are you going to re-release Final Fantasy: Tactics, Square|Enix? Srsly. It's worse with portable systems. At least on PS3 or XBox these games are $10-$20 dollar downloads. Tactics Ogre for the PSP is $40. So is the brand-new, hot off the remake presses Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. This was originally an N64 game (a great N64 game) and early consensus is that the first-gen polygons make for pretty compelling 3D.

So cool. 3D intrigues me. But am I going to pay $40 for Ocarina of Time, even in 3D, when I can get Secret of Mana — one of the greatest action RPGs of all time — on my iPhone for $9? That takes a ton of devotion to Zelda.

Dungeon Siege III | PC, XBox, PS3 
The play-as-the-bad-guys dungeon battler that launched a thousand imitators gets it's third sequel. Critics mostly say "yay."

FEAR 3 | PC, XBox, PS3 
Another third sequel, of an FPS this time, because who does unique games anymore?


Bon Iver | Bon Iver 
The man who stole the hearts of every indie boy and girl in indieland with his mournful snow-drift ballads, then subsequently guested on Kanye's last album, returns for more heart-conquering. 

The Light of the Sun | Jill Scott

Alpocalypse | Weird Al 


The star of How I Met Your Mother directs/stars in "How I Met My Future Burnout Hipster Clique," essentially. It's a film about twenty-somethings struggling to find themselves, possibly the most unique premise for a movie ever. Rated R.

The Adjustment Bureau
Could have been known as last year's smash hit reality-bending sci-fi romance, but Inception beat it to the punch. Instead, it's known as this year's Inception. Too bad, this is more earnest and less rigorously (annoyingly, anally) logical, and better for it.


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