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Spokane, it's finally here — your opportunity to see Brian "Head" Welch's hair up close and personal. Ohmigod, how excited are you? If you're unfamiliar with the stylings of Mr. Welch's tantalizing tresses, allow us to enlighten you. According to a Google search for "What the hell is up with Brian 'Head' Welch's hair?" the nu-metal-rocker-cum-Jesus-lover first divides his longish locks into several sections, then takes each individual ponytail, further dividing that in half, twisting one clockwise and the other counterclockwise until the two intertwine. If you want to gawk at it, take a jaunt to A Club at 6 pm, when Mr. Welch's hair will be flapping about after opening bands Project 86, Spoken, The Wedding and I Am Empire play. You pay $12-$15.

You know that any band who uses the "biography" section of their Facebook page to antagonize site visitors is bound to put on a good show. So it is with great pleasure that we announce a performance by punk band Dept. of Martyrs, who have this to say following a list of inspirational bands on their page: "If you haven't heard of any of these bands, then you probably shouldn't be at our page, go hit up Simple Plan or Good Charlotte, they might add you as a friend, because you probably need friends. Actually if you even like those two bands, then kill yourself, because hey! life ain't for everybody!" You tell 'em! These charming folks are playing (unironically) with Lack of Respect, The Federales, The Sex Cells, HotBox and They're Watching at The Hop! The show costs $8; show up at 8.

Tonight is also the last night that BeGin! will be held outdoors this year. Which is sad. By the time the 6 pm event rolls around, the weather should be a cozy low-to-mid 80s, which is perfect weather for snacking and boozing and listening to one of Spokane's original alternative bands, like Seeking the Elephant. These dudes have been around since the 1990s and, according to themselves, they appeal to all ages. And they have a song called "Cat Cafe." It's very cheery. Anyhoo, the show is free at the MAC. Go to it.


It's back to A Club with you for a late show. The father-son duo Cresalis, otherwise known as Wake of Time, will be performing their passionate ballads. Logistically, this band seems a little odd, mostly because some of their songs include lines like "She came into my bedroom/That's where she took off all my clothes," sung by the father, and his son has to stand next to him, rock out on guitar and be all, "Yeah! Sing it, dad!" But they've amassed a pretty substantial local following anyway, so apparently everyone else is totally cool with it. Decide for yourself by showing up at 9:30 pm, paying $5 and being over 21.

Identity, the world's only all-electronic traveling music festival is a coming to the Gorge, where you'll be treated to an entire day of dancing and being able to say the sentence "I'm so excited to go see the Disco Biscuits" and have it make perfect sense. You must pay $100, but you can be any age. Don't forget your glowsticks.

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