Monday, October 3, 2011

THE MORNING BRIEFING: Amanda Knox maintains her innocence. Does evil exist?

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Amanda Knox's big day — The 24-year-old former University of Washington student, who was convicted by an Italian court of killing her British roommate, faces the decision of an appeals court today. (Seattle Times) ABC News on the four possible verdicts for Knox (only one of which is what she wants).

14 cash-strapped states flew their officials to Paris — Washington state spent $98,000 to fly Gov. Gregoire and others to an air show in Paris. Thirteen other states did roughly the same. (SR)

Verner admits her Otto Zehm FAQS were "not perfect" — We could've told her that. (KREM)

Man found dead in river got high on "bath salts" — Christopher Rogers felt "like superman" when he did "bath salts," the euphemistic name for a designer drug that is increasing in popularity. (SR) 

Supreme Court season starts today — A look at the serious caseload in front of them. (Seattle Times)

Out There

Does evil exist?  — Neuroscientists say it might not. (Slate)

Arrested Development to air new episodes and a movie? — We'll believe it when we see it. (HuffPo)

Most helpful Netflix user review ever? (Buzzfeed)


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