Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MORNING BRIEFING: Read Verner's lips: 'No new taxes.' Plus, Costco wants to sell you schnapps

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Mayor Verner's budget would not raise taxes and not lay anyone off. She won't be hiring anyone, either, or giving anyone a raise. She will, though, cut all funding to the Weights and Measures department, a move opponents will probably dub "Hectare Gate." (KXLY)

Costco has spent $22.5 million dollars trying to get voters to privatize liquor sales. The privatization supporters have raised 22.7 million total (SR). According to the most recent numbers, that's a little over $6.40 for every registered voter in the state (PI) — enough money to get all of us drunk off eight mini Pucker fruit liqueurs from the Manito liquor store. 

55% of Washingtonians say they would uphold a gay marriage law if one were enacted by the legislature (Seattle Times), roughly the same amount who would pick Obama over Perry in a one-on-one race (Wash. Poll).

Out There

Bank of America will not charge you $5 for buying stuff with your own money after all. Say, "Be nice to us, we're super-generous."(WSJ)

China imprisoned its best-known dissident artist, Ai Weiwei, in April (New Yorker), Today it slapped him with a $2.4 million tax bill — Ai says this isn't about money, but control. (WSJ)

Greek President calls for a popular vote on austerity measures. All world markets go, "Holy f-ing shit. God. No." (WaPost)

At the deepest point of the sea, Scientists find the world's largest single-celled creatures. One cell, 4 inches in diameter. (NYT)

Newsreel of the Day! 

Who says lions don't like to ride in sidecars around velodromes? (British Pathe)

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