Monday, April 16, 2012

Reader Photo: Snowy owl spotted on in north Spokane this weekend

Posted on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 11:31 AM

Check out this sweet shot we got from reader Jamie Dahlke this morning. She writes:

My husband and I got up early on Saturday morning (April 14, 2012) to go downtown to practice time lapse photography with the upper falls in Riverfront Park. We got there before daylight. After we took several pictures, we headed north to our home. Going from Division Street, across Lincoln Road to Crestline Street going east we noticed a bird sitting on a power line as we drove toward home. Oh, my goodness! It wasn't a hawk like we usually see, it was a snowy owl! We had spent days last month looking for snowy owls in central Washington without findings any snowy owls. This one came to us!

Snowy owls come to our area in the winter and in the spring fly back to the arctic. We hurried home and changed lenses on our cameras and hurried back to the power pole just off Nevada Street on Lincoln Road. This was a female or young snowy owl as the male adults are totally white. What a wonderful surprise this great morning. This picture was taken with a Canon T1i digital camera with a Canon L 70-200 mm lens.

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