Thursday, May 17, 2012

MORNING BRIEFING: Summer is coming, Summer has passed edition

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Wet spring signals another good year for winter wheat! (S-R) 

After all but one liquor store in Spokane is auctioned off, the Supreme court of Washington hears arguments about the legality of the law that prompted the sale. Er... (S-R) 

Whitworth Pirates make it to the second round of the NCAA Division III World series (KXLY)

Dynamite(!!!??!!) found on Spokane-bound plane was actually just fireworks. Same diff, right? (Q6)


America is becoming less white. In 2011, for the first time evar, births of people with more melatonin on average outnumbered the births of those with less. 

The Obama administration would like prisons and jails to be a little less rapey. (S-R) 

JPMorgan's screwup: 50% bigger than previously thought


RIP Donna Summer

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