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CAT FRIDAY: Display your love of felines with these trendy tops

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Thankfully avid cat lovers – when they choose it – have the anonymity of the Internet to hide behind when posting ridiculous amounts of cat-related photos, websites, and other kitty miscellany online. As a self-proclaimed cat lady (minus the stereotypical traits – frumpy clothes, antisocial, etc.), I have come to find that the Internet also is a literal gold mine for trendy and hip cat-themed fashion, and hence the start of my ever-growing collection of awesome cat shirts.

On Etsy, there seriously are TONS of shops selling American Apparel’s ever-popular tees and tanks with one-of-a-kind cat screen prints, making showcasing one’s love for the feline form both stylish and apparent to others, aside from the cat hair all over your clothes anyway.

For today’s Cat Friday post, I decided to share a few super awesome cat garb-selling Etsy shops and highlight some shirts I love. I’m just going to keep it mum as to which of these I actually own…

Who could argue over your apparent badass-ness when wearing this tank from Austin, Texas based shop, Burger and Friends? Check out their shop for some other cat-themed tees, sweatshirts, and tanks, as well as other hip and edgy gear. 

Brooklyn Cat features lots of unique and artistic hand-painted cat tees and tanks, as well as other graphic prints that are all created by shop owner and artist Miri Shilo. 

Spokane is known to be a Juggalo hotspot, so I had to share this cute and fluffy take on the hardcore rap group Insane Clown Posse. I wonder how many of these shirts we could spot around town after a few weeks?

If you want to be super-obvious and blunt about your love for fluffy, wide-eyed, tottering kittens, check out RabbitandEye, which features a treasure trove of cat-themed graphic tees, tanks, skirts, and more. The shop also often features cool vintage items and edgy designs. 

This cat-lady tee says it all. Check out Skipnwhistle for more colors and cuts of this tee and other great designs. 

One of my personal favorite to-go shops for hip cat apparel is UnknownArtistApparel. Even if you don't like cats or are too timid to don a blatant tee, this Venice Beach-based shop has a lot of other great vintage screen prints. 

If you're one of the extremely hard-to-find cat loving men, this shirt from steppie is a great way to look fashionable yet not too dorky, and you'll no doubt have all the cat ladies clamoring for your attention.  

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