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Rumor has it that the band developed the sound of its debut self-titled album in a drear, windowless room. If that’s the case the band is good at hiding the dreariness: Poor Moon’s songs consist of strong vocal harmonies and warm, melodic folk guitar. If their sound reminds you of the Fleet Foxes that’s because Poor Moon members are also in that band, and used to be members of Pedro The Lion and Crystal Skulls. As Poor Moon, they strip their music down to the essentials. And that’s a good thing. (At the NYNE, 21+)


Since his 2006 self-titled debut record, Avalon has won fans with shock. He writes swaggering, suggestive songs (like “My Dick, ” the musical equivalent of an extended “Yo Mama” joke), performs said songs onstage with backup dancers willing to strip down to bedazzled underwear and raps like he’s just rolled out of bed and coughed down a handful of benzos. Avalon tries hard to be in-your-face — and for a lot of people he is. The man himself — with a pelvic tattoo that tells “Thank You” to any girl going downstairs — is slightly gross and unapologetic. And, it turns out, a lot of people want to soak up a little of his controversy. Check out the full story. (At the Knitting Factory , All Ages)


It might seem crazy to some, but to others dancing your ass off to electronic tunes while cannons fire neon-colored paint-like product onto you and a couple thousand other revelers is a perfectly fun way to spend a Friday night. And the thing that will provide this to the young (and self-described “young”) concertgoers is Life in Color. This is a touring electronic music show that, in addition to blasting the sounds of some of the most high-profile DJs in the genre and purveying majestic light shows, also sprays neon paint on attendees. Those partiers are, in turn, encouraged to toss paint on each other. Check out the full story here. (Spokane Arena, All Ages)

Also Tonight: The Hop! : Brotha Lynch Hung, Loss Monstarz, Mutiny Inc. (All Ages)



Peyote-trip folk rock meditations has been a label applied to Loch Lomond in the past and that description isn’t far off. Especially present within their track “Wax and Wire” off of their album Little Me Will Start A Storm (2011), which starts off with a hard folk-style wailing, morphing into a series of bird chirpings or a nature walk theme before finally transitioning into a slow ballad finish, constituting a trip in and of itself. The Portland based band has toured with The Decemberists but is making a name for itself as a rocking folk band that delivers new sounds on each track. (Nyne, 21+)

Others Shows On Saturday:

A CLUB: Deuce, Push, Diamond Speedboat, Dj Sho and Kowax (All Ages)

Jones Radiator: Drag Like Pull, Henry Nordstrom, Table Top Joe (21+)

South Perry Pizza Winterfest: Hey! Is For Horses, The Camaros, Folkinception, Real Life Rockaz (All Ages)

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