Monday, December 10, 2012

How do Spokane schools stack up against the rest of the world?

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The Atlantic is sharing a link today . . . 

Wait. In case you're from Spokane and don't know how to read, I'll write it louder: THE ATLANTIC IS SHARING A LINK TODAY THAT LETS YOU SEE HOW YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT COMPARES TO THE REST OF THE WORLD.

And apparently we're right in the middle of the pack, coming in at 51 percent in math and 52 percent in reading. It's a handy searchable graph, and you can look up any school district in the country. Check it out here.

Our education guru, staff writer Daniel Walters says that you should take results with a grain of salt, because sometimes other countries don't include all their students in scoring. And in a 2010 education report, The Brookings Institution pushed back on the notion that the United State ever led the world in education. Regardless, we're not exactly leader of the pack.


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