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Get Lit! Festival is coming soon, with a delightful poster

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This year’s Get Lit! Festival is less than a month away now. There’s still time to finish that Joyce Carol Oates book you’ve been meaning to get from the library — but not a lot of time.

You can check out all the workshop and schedule information here, but first check out this year’s delightful poster by local artist Karli Ingersoll.

“I had a blast working on it,” she says. “I love the festival and always love when I get to be a part of creative events in the area.”

We chatted with Ingersoll about her artistic process:

Inlander: For this kind of project, what kind of process do you have? Do you work mostly by hand or digital?

Karli: I did some sketching for the layout. I knew I wanted the poster to be really illustrative and fun. I drew all of it by hand, some on paper and some digitally with a tablet. Usually, I do a combo of real drawing and then finish stuff off digitally.

Did you know right away you wanted to focus on the books, or did you try other concepts?

Yeah, I had books in mind from the start. I looked at a few past years' posters and none of them featured books. Drawing books is really fun for me in general. So, since it wasn't an overused piece of imagery for the festival I ran with it. I wanted it to be really easy to tell what the festival was about upon first glance.

What kind of books are your favorites?

I studied print design, so I love all kinds of books! I have a collection of old books I like the covers of. I love the textures of bindings, different cover design styles, children's books. I love book design in general.

As far as reading goes, I love collecting design and art books and I love reading classics.

If you like the poster, keep an eye out for T-shirts and other Get Lit! Festival items with the art.

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