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Mother's Day: Stories about moms

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We don’t always spell it out in big headline type, but we write a lot about moms here at The Inlander.

We write about moms in Congress and moms in the military. We write about moms who are beauty queens and moms who lead roller derby teams.

Sometimes we write about moms who are coping with hard things. Last year we wrote about a mother trying to make sense of her 13-year-old daughter’s suicide. Earlier this year, we wrote about a mother reaching out to the people whose lives were changed after her 16-year-old daughter was in a car crash and became an organ donor.

In a cover story about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, we wrote about how Lewis’ mom got HIV from a blood transfusion in 1984, and how the diagnosis affected his upbringing in Spokane.

Sometimes we write about our own moms:

Staff writer Leah Sottile wrote about shooting guns with her mom. (And also, more recently, about feeling bad for her parents after coming across the journals she wrote as a teen.)

Staff writer Daniel Walters wrote about how a nurse saved his life when he was a baby, and how he tried to find out more about her life after his parents clipped out her obituary.

Former staff writer Joe O’Sullivan wrote about watching from the other side of the country as Hurricane Sandy flooded his mother’s house on the Jersey Shore.

Staff writer Heidi Groover wrote about finally asking questions about her own mother’s death.

In this week’s cover story, I wrote about family history and traced my grandmother’s Frost family back to Texas, where my great-great-great-grandmother raised her orphaned grandson, and to Tennessee, where my great-great-great-great-grandmother was a midwife with at least 17 children of her own.

Also this week, art director Chris Bovey wrote about how he learned the hard way that you should never let your mom write your name in your underwear when you go to summer camp.

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