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THIS WEEKEND IN MUSIC! Jazzed farewell, rage singing and John Mayer

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Sunstripe has breathed life into jazz for a bunch of kids since their formation less than a year ago. A three-piece bass, trumpet and drum outfit, they have a sound all their own that changes ever-so-consistently. The gang is preparing for college life and are in the home stretch of their existence. One of their last shows is tonight at Boots Bakery, 8 o'clock. Whether it's your first time seeing them or your last, be sure to make it. I promise you'll miss them when they're gone. Download their songs off of their Bandcamp in loving memory of what was.

At Volume, Ian Miles sang his heart out as his fans covered themselves in sheets and belted out the chorus to their favorite chant. The folksy, almost angry (in the best way possible) Miles gives one hell of a performance. At Carr's Corner, he'll be joined by Liz Rognes and Strange Mana. 

Also tonight:

Rock or Roll featuring Evan Egerer, Awaken the Sleeping, Undercard at The Center

B Side Players, Son Ducle, Milonga at Red Room Lounge

The Lion Oh My, Summer in Siberia, Facedown at The Viking


It would be easy to completely disregard John Mayer, which I probably will directly after writing this. However, before you do that, consider that while John Mayer makes eye-rolling, shmaltzy romance ballads, he's not a bad musician. In fact, he's something of a guitar virtuoso: he's been called one of the "New Guitar Gods" by Rolling Stone and has collaborated with Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Eric Clapton. He even was an opening act for the Rolling Stones. In the music department, the guy is no slouch. Dislike him for his gag-inducing, frathouse-panty-dropper love songs. But the guy definitely knows how to play. Catch him with the ridiculously named Phillip Phillips at The Gorge.

Also on Saturday:

Suburban Legends, The Resignators, The Back Ups at The Center

Space Movies, The Kitchen, Mirror Mirror at Mootsy's

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