Friday, February 6, 2015

Mysterious white rain strikes Spokane; NWS sends sample to lab

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No, not the affordable brand of hairspray.

This morning, commuters on their way to work were stricken with slushy, unidentifiable milk-like rain. Many reported obscured driving conditions and an odd coating of the mystery rain on their vehicles and clothing. Though the National Weather Service here in Spokane has yet to offer an official conclusion on the initial cause or potential hazards of these showers, they are actively exploring all possible explanations and "looking into the source of this phenomena," including speculative reports that volcanic activity in Mexico could be to blame.

"It's still a mystery," says Mark Turner, the observation program leader at NWS. "We sent a sample taken from our rain gauge to the state lab."

Though quick to agree with the general mystique surrounding the rain, Turner is hesitant to sound any sort of alarms.

"I'm not worried," he says.  "[But] it's ash or dust, of some kind."

With more rain and strong winds to come in the days ahead, this unintentional hairspray advertisement could potentially continue for a bit longer than anyone is willing to endure.

Stay tuned.

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