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click to enlarge JJ tries to impress Kaitlyn with his sense of humor on a stand up comedy date - PEOPLE.COM
JJ tries to impress Kaitlyn with his sense of humor on a stand up comedy date
Kaitlyn Bristowe commenced with the dating on ABC's the Bachelorette Monday night. Didn't have time to watch? Here's a few lessons about love and dating inspired by the episode:

Have a simple back story. Something that can be boiled down into a single word, say “dad” or “orphan” or “widower”. Don’t have one? Use a gimmick, like arriving in a cupcake with wheels, instead. Then, you can be “cupcake”.

Share the long version of the back story, in its entirety, as soon as possible. Have you had something totally awful or tragic happen? Just put it all out there on the table. First date, first conversation, whenever. Divorce? Death? Multiple broken legs? Yep, these are all hurdles surmounted and character builders and — most importantly in the Bachelorette context — sympathy-getters. Worst case scenario, your date won’t be able to deal with your past. Then you can be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “guess she/he just couldn’t accept me for me” and move on.

Kisses are better on rooftops. Kaitlyn says kissing on the rooftop is “next level”. Who is even going to argue with that? One might even say top level. Above top level. Oh, the possibilities.

Act REALLY EXCITED about everything! No one wants to think the date they planned is lame. If someone is taking you on a date, be excited. Done it before? Don’t even go there. It leads to all kinds of messy conversations no sane person wants to have on a first date. Or ever. Kaitlyn takes the excitement thing up a notch: Every date she goes on is the BEST DATE SHE’S EVER BEEN ON, in her entire life. Boxing? YES! Underwater photo shoot? YESSSS!!! Stand up comedy with comedian Amy Schumer? YES, YES, YES!

Wait at least a month to start an argument about… anything! If, during the second conversation you’ve ever had, you get into a bonafide argument about nothing…. ABORT. Things will probably not work out under any circumstances.

Dating is better with alcohol. Getting to know people is infinitely more entertaining with alcohol. Say no to coffee, yes to drinks.

Want to date like Kaitlyn? You can do pretty similar stuff right here in Spokane.

Boxing: The first date involved eight guys, Kaitlyn and a rendezvous at an abandoned-looking warehouse that turned out to be a boxing gym.

“Boxing is a lot like relationships: it takes focus, discipline, commitment,” says coach Laila Ali. Also, sometimes you get knocked out. Get back up. Recover. Or need emergency services.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

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Washington’s state prison system has room for 17,498 inmates. On March 31, the Department of Corrections’ 12 facilities were nearly 1,000 heads over capacity, with 18,426 people in prison.

The DOC signed a contract to house those 1,000 extra inmates at the North Lake Correctional Facility in Baldwin, Michigan. Known as the Facility, the Michigan prison in owned and operated by private prison company called the GEO Group. News of the contract broke after GEO Group issued an announcement lauding the potential future profits to their shareholders May 21:

“The Facility is expected to begin the intake process in the fourth quarter of 2015 with a gradual ramp over several months. At full occupancy, the contract would generate approximately $24 million in annualized revenues.”

But even though Washington needs more space to house prisoners and inked a contract with a private prison company willing to house 1,000 of those prisoners, DOC Communications Director Jeremy Barclay says there are no plans to send inmates to the Facility.

“There are no current plans to utilize the contract with the GEO Group,” says Barclay. “In the event we need to utilize the contract in the future, advance notice will be provided to offenders, families, and other stakeholders.”

Why did the DOC enter into the contract if there are no plans to use it in the immediate future?

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Any time you hit a "legacy" act concert, you go in with a few expectations, including a steady stream of the artist's biggest hits, a lot of nostalgic between-song banter, and a preponderance of extra pounds on both the musicians and the fans. 

The Whitesnake show at Northern Quest Resort & Casino largely fell short in those areas, and was a better show for it. Rather than simply being a #ThrowBackThursday to the band's monster-sized hits (and hair) from the late '80s, the band led by David Coverdale offered a heavy dose of its new album, a collection paying tribute to Coverdale's years as lead singer of Deep Purple in the mid-'70s. That might have left some disappointed who wanted more tunes from the band's Slide It In, Whitesnake and Slip of the Tongue albums, but the focus on Deep Purple's boogie-oriented blues-rock provided a better showcase of what Whitesnake has to offer now, in 2015. 

And what is that, exactly? Well, in Coverdale, you have a frontman in his 60s who is in fighting form, vocally and physically, and still busting out those mic-stand-thrusting moves — albeit not quite as emphatically as in the videos you might remember. In guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra, you have two axe men with some serious flair, ripping out solos that would have done Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore proud. Keyboardist Michele Luppi managed to evoke DP's Jon Lord with his flourishes. And in the rhythm section, bassist Michael Devin was a multi-faceted asset, singing harmonies and playing harmonica, while drummer Tommy Adridge, a long-time Coverdale compatriot, pummeled his set with an energy dudes half his age couldn't muster. Seriously, that guy is turning 65 this summer, and he was ridiculously powerful in the casino ballroom the band turned into a purple-tinged square of raised fists, bobbing heads and tipsy fans reliving old glories. 

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You might have heard Volume kicks off today, with 98 bands playing in venues all over downtown Spokane. It's pretty great. You can read up on all the bands, learn everything you need to know about navigating the thing, and set up your own schedule on the handy app that will keep you informed of who's playing when, and allow you to share your personal schedule with your friends on social media.

Cool, right? I know we'll see you out and about. In the meantime, a bunch of the Inlander staff shared short lists of artists they're particularly excited about trying to see Friday and Saturday nights. The writers are in alphabetical order, the bands they chose are in no particular order. If you don't have time to peruse the descriptions of every act playing put your trust in one of these folks: 

Lael Henterly, staff writer
All Your Friends Friends, Friday, Red Room Lounge, 9:45 pm
The Flying Spiders, Friday, Red Room Lounge, 12:30 am
Dude York, Saturday, Mootsy's, 7 pm
VATS, Saturday, Mootsy's, 8 pm
Marshall McLean Band, Saturday, Irv’s Outdoor Stage, 9 pm

Laura Johnson, music editor
Crystalline, Friday, the Bartlett, 9 pm
Age of Nefilim, Friday, Mootsy’s, 9 pm
Down North, Friday, nYne, midnight
Dude York, Saturday, Mootsy’s, 11 pm
Fauna Shade, Saturday, Red Room Lounge, 6:35 pm

Dan Nailen, staff writer
Silver Treason, Friday, Irv’s Outdoor Stage, 8 pm
Puff Puff Beer, Friday, nYne, 10:55 pm
Fun Ladies, Saturday, The Pinnacle, 7:20 pm
Cursive Wires, Saturday, Irv’s Outdoor Stage, 8:10 pm
The Shivas, Saturday, Big Dipper, 9:45 pm
click to enlarge Flannel Math Animal, one of our Bands to Watch in 2015.
Flannel Math Animal, one of our Bands to Watch in 2015.

Mitch Ryals, staff writer

The Dip, Friday NYNE, 9:45 pm
Puff Puff Beer, Friday, nYne, 10:55 pm
Shaprece, Friday, Red Room, 11:15 pm
Flannel Math Animal, Saturday, Bartlett, 6:15 pm
Whiskey Dick Mountain, Saturday, Pinnacle Northwest, 10 pm

Chey Scott, listings editor
Stucco, Friday, Big Dipper, 6:15 pm
Water Monster, Friday, The Bartlett, 10 pm
Kithkin, Saturday, Red Room Lounge, 7:30 pm
Marshall McLean Band, Saturday, Irv's Outdoor stage, 9 pm
Boy Eats Drum Machine, Saturday, nYne, 10:50 pm

Jake Thomas, staff writer
Loomer, Friday, Big Dipper, 10:30 pm
Flannel Math Animal, Saturday, The Bartlett, 6:15 pm
NasalRod, Saturday, The Pinnacle, 9:20 pm
Weed, Saturday, 10:40 pm, The Pinnacle
Flee the Century, Saturday, Mootsy's, Midnight
click to enlarge Loomer, one of our Bands to Watch in 2015.
Loomer, one of our Bands to Watch in 2015.

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A month ago, I wrote about Ryan Holyk, the 15-year-old Spokane Valley kid who loved Mountain Dew, stunt bikes and video games. Ryan died June 6, 2014, after an encounter at Sprague and Vista Road in the Spokane Valley. Spokane Sheriff's Deputy Joe Bodman was doing 70 on Sprague toward Vista Road without lights or a siren. He was on his way to help another officer. Ryan and a buddy were on their way home when the two paths crossed. We still don't know for sure what happened next. 

The Sheriff's Office, armed with three investigations by law enforcement agencies, says Bodman missed Ryan by about a foot. Ryan's family isn't convinced. The Rattlesnakes Motorcycle Club, a group that calls itself a police accountability organization, isn't convinced either. 

Earlier this week, the Sheriff's Office released two reconstruction videos built with the results of the investigations that were already released. Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says the videos were released in response to the Rattlesnakes' latest social media announcement. 

"It's simply time for the citizens to see this is what the investigation came out with," Knezovich says. 

A few days ago, the Rattlesnakes, led by member Scott Maclay, announced "Operation Bouncing Bodman's Volleyballs" on their Facebook page, which entails filming themselves throwing volleyballs in front of squad cars all in the name of Ryan Holyk and creating a mutual respect between law enforcement and the community. Maclay says the volleyballs are symbolic of children at play and are intended to provoke law enforcement to slow down. Reached by phone this morning, Maclay was busy painting the volleyballs teal — Ryan's favorite color.  

Maclay has spoken out against Knezovich in the past and has been involved in other controversial issues

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Believe it or not, there are things to do today besides Volume (or, at least, before, after and around Volume), and you can find them in our event listings and Staff Picks

Here are a few highlights I found for Friday, May 29: 

FESTIVAL | It's the 30th edition of ArtFest, going down Friday through Sunday in Browne's Addition and hosted by the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. Here's our preview story about this year's version of the long-running community favorite. 

COMMUNITY | The Otaku Prom 2015 is an opportunity for all ages of geek culture to get together and throw down. This is the fourth such event hosted by KuroNekoCon, and will include anime music, various Asian pop tunes, snacks, drinks and a photo booth to capture your cosplay display. 

COMEDY | The Blue Door Theatre hosts After Dark at 10 pm, an adult-oriented version of the regular Friday night show. 

MUSIC | And have we mentioned Volume lately? The 98-band, two-day festival kicks off early tonight. There are several places to find everything you need to know, like here and here

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The sheriff doesn't believe that police militarization is happening in Spokane County. (Bloglander) 

Charter schools are worried about state rule changes. (Spokesman-Review)

Idaho officials were told that their Capitol update didn't include the necessary disability accommodations. (Spokesman-Review)

Idaho is in a drought (KREM)


Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been indicted for mysterious reasons. (Washington Post)

An American wore a wire to help bring down corrupt FIFA officials. (Washington Post)

More controversy over the Clinton Foundation's donations. (New York Times)

The Chinese are spreading their artillery onto key islands. (New York Times)


The Village Voice and The Dissolve think they know what the problem with Cameron Crowe movies is. 

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Don't act like you didn't know it was National Burger Day. You've had this seemingly inconsequential Thursday circled on your calendar for months, just waiting for an excuse to place as much beef, cheese, bacon and God-knows-what-else as physics will allow between a couple buns and then wait on the couch for June to arrive.

Seriously, though, it's National Burger Day. This is a thing, and it's likely that someone on Facebook already pointed this out to you with a picture of some artery-cementing monstrosity like this. Don't get me wrong, I like burgers. Shit, I can't promise I won't eat one before I finish typing this sentence. But that said, a couple local restaurants are doing something pretty cool to help us rethink the burger.

The James Beard Foundation’s Better Burger Project is a campaign to promote a healthier and more environmentally sustainable burger by combining meat with mushrooms.

Sante unveiled its entry earlier this week. It’s a combination of 70 percent Wagyu beef from Thompson River Ranch and 30 percent crimini, Portobello and oyster mushrooms. It’s served on a ciabatta bun from Sante’s sister restaurant, Common Crumb, and accompanied with house-cured bacon, butter lettuce, grilled onions, morel mushrooms and more.

Manito Tap House, the South Hill gastropub already well known for its environmentally conscious efforts, also has a Better Burger Project offering. Manito is offering the Buffalo & Change, a creation by chef Molly Patrick that features ground buffalo mixed with king trumpet mushrooms and served with rhubarb ham and toasted almond butter on a toasted brioche bun. It’s available for $15 and can be served gluten-free on request.

“A blended burger also brings more sustainable, plant-based items to menus allowing Americans to enjoy the taste and flavor of the burgers they love, knowing it’s a healthier and more sustainable preparation,” reads a press release from the James Beard Foundation.

You can vote for your favorite Better Burger by uploading a photo of your preferred burger to Instagram and tagging it with the hashtag #betterburgerproject as well as the restaurant’s handle.

The burgers are on the menu at both restaurants through July 31.

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Tomorrow, Volume is here. That’s right, two music-packed days featuring nearly 100 bands spanning nine downtown locations. It sounds crazy, we know, but we’re up for the challenge. To prepare mentally and physically for this fantastic event we’ve put together a couple of pointers for you. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Get Tickets
Today is the last day to buy wristbands online at or at the Inlander office for $20. Otherwise buy them at the festival tomorrow at the Volume headquarters tent at Sprague and Washington from 5-9 pm Friday and 5-8 pm Saturday. Will Call tickets are also held at this tent. Friday, the cost moves to $30 for both nights or $20 for a single night, and we’re taking both cash and credit card at the Will Call/Volume headquarters tent.

What the Wristband Gets You
Access to all Volume music venues, the circulating party trolley and special deals at select Spokane businesses.

Make Your Own Schedule
The full up-to-date schedule is here. Most exciting, you can make your own lineups on our website just by making your own account. Then at the festival, pull up your schedule on your phone. Check out our curated lineups, such as the best bands to dance to and let loose to here.

Social Media
Use the #Volume509 hashtag or #INVolume on Twitter and Instagram to share what you’re up to. Follow us on Twitter at @TheInlander and get updates on shows and venue lines on the Inlander and Volume Facebook pages.

Who’s Playing
It is physically impossible to see every single band playing this year, but , if you’re like us, you’ll try to see all the acts anyway. This year, we have bands making everything from funk to hip-hop, Americana to soul. While Volume is a celebration of local acts, there’s also regional and national talent flying in for the event. We highly recommend checking out this year’s Bands to Watch … and everyone else.

What to Wear
Footwear is the biggest thing here. Wear shoes that you can comfortably run around in. Other than that, it’s all about feeling good — and probably don’t wear anything described here.

What’s Open to All-Ages
In short, those under 21 can see any show at the Bartlett, Pinnacle Northwest and the Big Dipper, and shows until 9 pm at Neato Burrito. Also, the Som & Cheddar Chad Soul Brunch at Boots at 10 am on Saturday is open to all. That event features DJs Breezy Brown and Supervillain.

What Else You Might Want to Buy
Volume T-Shirts ($20), drink specials at venues (ask the bartender) and band merch.

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Spokane Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich says that there is a new “war on the police” being waged and that it’s a myth that law enforcement is becoming militarized.

Knezovich made the assertions in a correspondence with Blaine Stum, chair of the Spokane Human Rights Commission, who wrote to the sheriff inquiring about military equipment acquired by his agency.

“While we understand the need for police to be prepared for the worst, we also see potential problems that can arise from funneling military equipment to local police departments,” Stum wrote in the letter. “Most notably, research, that is included in this letter, has shown that increased militarization of police decreases the level of trust between the police and the community they are serving and can lead to a greater spiral of violence that disproportionately affects minority communities.”

In recent years, groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union have raised concerns about local law enforcement agencies acquiring surplus military equipment, which they claim results in officers using unnecessarily heavy-handed approaches to routine police work. Earlier this month, President Barack Obama announced that he was taking steps to halt the flow of military equipment to local police forces.

Knezovich responded to Stum’s letter by writing that the ACLU report included false information in its report on police militarization. He also takes issue with research from the University of California Berkeley, referenced in Stum’s correspondence, that suggests that giving police military equipment escalates encounters with the public..

Here’s the text of Knezovich’s response:
I have a presentation I have created that speaks to this issue. Specifically the myth of police militarization. I will need one hour to present, as this is not a blush over of this issue. I look forward to going over the false information provided by the ACLU in their report. Just a prelude to my discussion on this matter. Contrary to what the ACLU presents in their report they never contacted my agency for the data they present as fact about the Sheriff’s Office, nor does their data remotely represent fact. This falsehood is addressed in my current power point which has been presented to the BoCC [Board of County Commissioner].

I look forward to a lively discussion on what is fast become the new war on the police. I use the term war in the spirit of the continual misuse of the term “war” as it relates to police work. With the results of actions taken by city of Baltimore, actions consistent with the UC Berkeley suggestions, which led to the burning of several buildings and the national guard being called out, it will be interesting to see how the Berkeley study holds up to real world activities.

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Reclaiming Culture: The Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska Repatriation @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through May 2
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