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WW: Pot on a plane, don't say weed candy in CO and the Bard was a stoner

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Shortly after marijuana became legal in Oregon, Portland International Airport decided to allow passengers to take their stash with them if they were traveling in-state. So what about Spokane International Airport? Can you take marijuana with you on your travels? The answer is a qualified yes.

According to an email from Todd Woodard, airport spokesman, under state law it is legal for a person 21 years of age to possess marijuana purchased from a licensed store regardless of mode of transportation.

The caveats are that you have to be of legal age, undergo a criminal history check before boarding and you can only take an ounce with you. Under state marijuana law, you still can’t fly out of state with your pot, even to other states where it’s legal, according to Woodard.

Here’s the news elsewhere:

In Colorado, makers of weed candy may no longer be allowed to call their product “candy.”

A New Jersey judge has ruled that a teen can’t use medical marijuana at school.

Presidential contender Marco Rubio says he would crack down on legal weed if he became the commander in chief.

A researcher thinks he’s found evidence that Shakespeare smoked pot.

Is marijuana contributing to California’s drought?

Fires in California are burning up marijuana farms.

The National Conference of State Legislatures has called on Congress to allow states to make their own laws regarding marijuana and hemp.

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