Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WW: Legalization mascot up in smoke, weed prisoner walks free, pot studies

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Last week, ResponsibleOhio, the group that is driving a November ballot measure that could legalize marijuana in the Buckeye State, unveiled its mascot “Buddie,” an anthropomorphic marijuana bud with six-pack abs, a cape, underwear outside of his pants and a big “B” on his chest over an outline of Ohio.

After the group posted the photo to its Facebook page (which appears to have been taken down), it drew comparisons to Joe Camel, an infamous cartoon character critics claimed was used to entice children to take up smoking, reports

Buddie drew complaints from a children’s advocacy groups, saying that it sent the wrong message to kids. The Weed Blog ran an article titled, “‘Buddie The Marijuana Mascot’ Might Be The Worst Idea In The History Of Marijuana Politics.”

The offending mascot now appears to have been scrubbed from ResponsibleOhio’s website. .

Here’s the news elsewhere:

Health officials in Denver continue to quarantine pot that’s been treated with pesticides not approved for use.

According to a recent study, college students are more into smoking weed than cigarettes.

According to another recent study, marijuana may lower sperm count.

According to yet another recent study, marijuana may not be shrinking your brain.

Jeff Mizanskey, who spent 20 years on a life sentence for a nonviolent marijuana charge, is a free man.

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