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Dolezal's a hero, Marco's a Muppet and other bold claims in the news

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Spokane's long police ombudsman drought continues, as controversial ombudsman candidate Robert Breeden declines to move to Spokane for a four-month trial period while his past is being investigated. That doesn't mean he's not willing to be the ombudsman. He just wants commitment. 

Smoking is bad for your health.
And the Spokane Regional Health District wants it to be bad for your employment, too. The District has been encouraging companies to discriminate against smokers, hiring non-smokers for specific jobs. They're leading by example. At the Spokane Regional Health District, Smokers Need Not Apply.

Don't threaten to kill two people in your culinary program. Police arrested the guy who allegedly did just that at Spokane Community College.

11-year-old Aiden Kemp is paralyzed from the neck down. So Gonzaga University engineering students are building him a specialized recumbent bicycle for his birthday. 

But do you know who's the real hero? Rihanna says. Spokane celebrity civil-rights superstar Rachel Dolezal

As the Jeb! crumbles in the polls, his friend-turned-rival Marco Rubio looks to benefit. Rubio, young and charismatic, began the race as few Republican voters' first choice. But he's practically everyone's second choice, the New York Times' Upshot blog explains. And as the field winnows down, second choices begin to become first choices.

It's been long established that Mitt Romney is Guy Smiley, but which Muppets represent this year's crop of GOP candidates? The New Yorker investigates, concluding, with good reason, that Donald Trump is Animal.  

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