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5 fall/winter movie trailers to get you in the mood

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… In the mood for good movies, of course. After the big budget madness of the summer, it’s time to actually use your brain again while at the multiplex. With film awards season just around the corner, these are some of the movies we’ve been waiting for all freaking year. Naturally, we can’t wait for the Hunger Games finale, new James Bond picture or the return of Star Wars, either. But here are a couple more to get on your radar.

5. CRIMSON PEAK – October 16
As a self-diagnosed horror film scaredy-cat, this Guillermo del Toro-directed film looks like just the right amount of gothic horror, mystery and romance. What lives in the basement? Are these people vampires or ghosts? I must know immediately.
4. SPOTLIGHT – November 6
Yes, a film about journalists making a difference made the list. Roll your eyes all you want, but this is one of the films coming out about journalists later this year — the other being Truth — and that's exciting. It probably won’t be the next All the President's Men, but it sure is trying. 
3. MACBETH – December 4
Shakespeare wrote this one, duh. In this version, Michael Fassbender and Marion Cottilard take over Scotland, and nothing goes well. But at least the cinematography is beautiful.
2. THE BIG SHORT – December 23
Someone put Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt in a movie together? Steve Carell and Christian Bale are there, too. Stop everything and watch (even if it is a heavy handed premise).
1. THE HATEFUL EIGHT – January 8
Sometimes, you just need a little bit of ridiculously good in your life. That’s when you turn to director Quentin Tarantino. With him, there will always be blood, wit and a ramshackle cast worthy of your time. His newest flick continues his Western obsession.
Also, although there's no release date yet, who's excited for this? 
Speaking of movies: Make sure to mark your calendars for the Inlander’s upcoming Suds and Cinema, Oct. 21. This time we’ll be showing Back to the Future II. Hover boards are optional. 

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