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The missing found dead, and other depressing news stories of the day

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Surgeon found dead
• The VA surgeon who went missing after a run Monday morning has been found, dead on the north bank of the Spokane River. 
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Ammon Bundy has been arrested

There are some who say, "No-Li." But I say to you, "Yes-Li!"

• No-Li has a new beer, and a new initiative to highlight local neighborhoods.

Careful what you post on Facebook, kids. The City Council might be reading.

• On Monday, the City Council voted to remove Evan Verduin from the planning commission for a Facebook post. And the mayor's veto of Facebook has been overridden.

Top Chefs 

• Make your reservation now for a few one-time dinner from a few of Spokane's most beloved chefs


• The final show of the current Spokane Civic Theatre season is now Guys & Dolls, instead of Ghost: The Musical. 


Who Hits the (alleged) Hitman?
• The jury pool in the murder-for-hire trial of James Henrickson continues to be winnowed down. (Spokesman-Review)

Those Politicians From Olympia Looking To Override Local Control

• State Sen. Michael Baumgartner (R-Spokane) proposes a bill that would kill both Seattle's minimum wage law and Spokane's sick-leave laws, leaving those roles for the (more conservative) counties or the state government. Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart isn't pleased. (Spokesman-Review)

• A Spokane woman who went missing was found in Cataldo, Idaho, dead and wrapped in plastic

Art of the Flake
• What could make Donald Trump, presidential candidate, titan of industry, best-selling author and potent potentate — who vows to break the will of Russia, China, Mexico and ISIS through sheer force of indomitable will — flee from tomorrow's debate? Tough questions from a female journalist and a mean press release. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz, award-winning Princeton debater, challenges Trump to a one-on-one, mano-o-mano, meet-me-by-the-flag-pole-after-school debate. Anytime, anywhere. (Fox News) 

No Refuge

• Ammon Bundy has been arrested, and a spokesman for the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers was shot and killed during a traffic shop by the FBI and state police. (The Oregonian)

The Doctor Will See You Now

In China, there are ticket scalpers too. But these tickets are for access to the hospital. (New York Times)

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