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Who wore what - Sasquatch! 2016 fashions

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Clearly, booty shorts have yet to retire.

No longer is it only the musicians who get to dress up in fun ways for shows. At Sasquatch! you can fashionably become anyone you want — hippie, hipster, stripper, banana. Unlike other big festivals, such as the more designer clothing-obsessed Coachella or the neon spandex of Paradiso, the annual Memorial Day Weekend festival has its own fashion flavor. This gives many an opportunity to dress in full Halloween costumes (the guys in banana suits made an appearance this year, as always), but also in ways that their grandmothers would most likely not approve of.

Many of the same old looks were there, like the captain hats and rice paddy hats, but some of the bigger trends were new. Here's what we saw:

Bras be gone
There is much conflicting research about the helpfulness of a brassiere, and at this year's Sasquatch! many on the female side opted to let loose in their tanks and halter tops. Whether this is a good look is all based on your point of view. But I do believe there is a way to burn the bra while still finding adequately padded tops (for nippage purposes). Let's work on this for next year.

Double topknots and braids
You can no longer have just one bun or one braid, it's got to be two — and this included some men. Princess Leia clearly, would approve of this trend. 

Tummies and backs were key
The 1990s/early-2000s tummy-bearing days are here. In previous years it's been more about showing off the backs than the stomach, but now you gotta do both. 

Blankets as panchos
I assure you this isn't fashionable, wearing a blanket around your shoulders as one would with a poncho or cape. But with temps nearing 50 degrees at night, I found the keeping-warm look especially heartening. One guy even had a sleeping bag he sewed together except at the arm holes. 

Booty shorts have yet to be retired

This is a real question, seriously, very real question. Do other people like looking at other people's lower butt cleavage? Is that fun? I sound like an old woman. Perhaps I am. 
The Snidely Whiplash look
Men had a lot of fun with their facial hair this year, bringing in fully groomed beards and mustaches. But I will say that beards weren't as big this time around as year's past. 

Obviously, people still smoke. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that one in six Americans lights up, but at Sasquatch! (and this probably has to do with people going off the grid for one weekend) it feels like a majority of fans have no problem lighting up. There were far more cigarettes on display than e-cigs, especially behind the ears. 
Marbled arm dyes
The Honda Tent set up an arm-dying station that involved people dipping their whole hand into a vat of mixed paints and then solidifying it with a coating. The line to do this was at least a 30-minute wait. The whole thing faded pretty quickly off the skin, but it was certainly a new way of temporarily tattooing yourself. Sparkled tattoos were still as hot as were actual tattoos. 

More fascinating looks:
click to enlarge Who wore what - Sasquatch! 2016 fashions
Fun hair colors was especially hot this year, with pink and purple the most pronounced.
click to enlarge Who wore what - Sasquatch! 2016 fashions
You can't see it below this fantastic hand-painted jean jacket, but this man is only wearing boxer-briefs.
click to enlarge Who wore what - Sasquatch! 2016 fashions
Jumpsuits and leotards were another addition this year. And to be honest, they're a lot fun.
click to enlarge Who wore what - Sasquatch! 2016 fashions
This woman actually made her dress and cape.

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