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Waste-to-Energy accident, Pence vs Kaine, and other tragic headlines

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Chuck Conklin, Spokane's director of solid waste disposal, outside the Waste-to-Energy Plant.


Waste-to-Energy Accident
After years of being praised for its safety record, two employees at the Waste-to-Energy Plant are badly burned.

There are some who will tell you Gil-less! But I say, nay! I say GILMORE. 
The West Central Indaba coffee shop gets a Gilmore Girls conversion. Does this pave way for North Bowl to get an Ed conversion?

Louie OK
The comedian Louie (not the one you're thinking of), Louie Anderson is coming to Spokane. 


Money, money, money
Who was the first and biggest contributor to Mayor David Condon's anti-recall campaign. Would you believe he has the last name Cowles? [Spokesman-Review

Clown Questions, Bro

The Inland Northwest gets in on the clown fears, just in time for Hallowweeeeeeeeen, OOoooooOOooo! [Spokesman-Review]

Condon Goes Rogue 

Shawn Vestal reports that Mayor David Condon has found a clever way of handling the rules governing his appointments. Flat-out ignoring them. [Spokesman-Review]


Bullet Points
Experts debate whether police could have found a better solution than shooting Keith Scott. [NYT]

Trump? I say, good man, I've never heard that name before in my life!
In the vice-presidential debate Mike Pence pursues the clever strategy of flat-out denying that Donald Trump said the stuff that everybody knows Donald Trump said. [Politico]

Night of the Living Movies
Maybe movies aren't so dead after all, David Sims argues in The Atlantic.

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